Find Out How The Career Of Former Prosecutor Jeanine Pirro Is Affected After The Surgery

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Former judge Jeanine Pirro is a familiar face among her viewers who currently works in Fox News Channel's Justice with Judge Jeanine. She set a record for being the first female judge in the Westchester County Court before she set another record for being the first female District Attorney of Westchester County.

The famous television presenter had a cosmetic surgery where she performed a nose job, botox injections, facelift, cheek fillers. So is Pirro's lifestyle changed after she went under the knife? Let's find out.

Jeanine Pirro's Life After Cosmetic Surgery

The case of Jeanine Pirro plastic surgery shows that cosmetic procedures are not only permeated in the entertainment and Fashion world but outside as well. Jeanine Pirro is not a big celebrity or a movie star but she is a judge who works in New York and was a prosecutor before. The famous television judge became headlines when her fans and followers realized that she had gone under the knives.

Jeanine looks gorgeous after the plastic surgery. She went through different surgeries including facelift, eyelid treatment, Botox treatment and so on.  Her celebrity status became immensely popular and people became even more eager to watch and follow her show after the surgery. We can say that the decision of the Emmy Award winner has surely made her confident and self-motivated for her work.

Jeanine has enhanced her appearance at this stage of her career and the surgery has added some extra energy into her daily routine. However, this celeb has never accepted these claims.

Even though she has never accepted having plastic surgery, we can undoubtedly say that it is not possible to look like a 40-year-old for a woman who is in her early 60s.

CAPTION: Jeannie Pirro before and after plastic surgery SOURCE: Celebrity Plastic Surgery News

Her fans and followers claim that her decision hasn’t hampered her career and performance. Moreover, she has right to do what she likes and considering how confident she looks now, we can conclude that the plastic surgery has surely been in her favor.

Quick Facts Of Jeanine Pirro

  • Jeanine Pirro was born Jeanine Ferris Pirro on June 2, 1951.
  • She was married to Albert Pirro for over three decades since 1975 to 2013.
  • Pirro has two children with Albert.
  • Pirro was named in the 50 most beautiful people by People in 1997.


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