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Evin Harrah Cosby, a successful American entrepreneur deeply involved in the fashion industry, is the proprietor of PB & Caviar, a boutique known for its refined and sophisticated clothing.

Despite her achievements in the world of fashion, Cosby gained recognition not primarily for her role as a stylist but rather as the youngest daughter of Bill Cosby and Camille Hank. To know more about Evin's early life, educational background,  career, etc, continue reading the article below.

Evin's Early Life And Educational Background

Cosby was born in August 1976 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is currently in her mid-forties. Evin identifies with African-American ethnicity and holds American nationality. In her early academic years, Cosby attended Banks Elementary School, followed by high school studies at Colombia Grammar and Preparatory School.

Evin with her parents in the picture. Cosby attended Banks Elementary School.
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Later on, she continued her education at Spelman College in Atlanta and subsequently enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology. The provided information includes her background, education, and notable ventures in the fashion industry.

Harrah 's Siblings

Evin Harrah comes from a family of four siblings. Among them are two sisters named Erika Cosby and the late Ensa Cosby, and two brothers named Erinn Cosby and the late Ennis William Cosby. Evins oldest sister, Erika who was born on April 8 1965 is now in her fifties. Has pursued a career as a painter.

Likewise, Erinn, who was born in 1966 is Evin's sister. Is currently 57 years old. In the 1990s Erinn made allegations of assault against professional boxer Mike Tyson. Unfortunately, Evin's brother Ennis was born on April 15 1969 and his sister Ensa was born on April 8, 1973; however, they are no longer, with us.

Tragic Loss Of Members Of The Cosby Family

The Cosby family endured a profound tragedy when Ennis William Cosby fell victim to a devastating incident. On January 16, 1997, Ennis, while changing a flat tire on his dark green Mercedes Benz, became the target of a failed robbery attempt.

The attacker, Mikhail Markhasev, reportedly attacked and then shot Ennis, who was accompanied by his girlfriend Stephanie at the time. Evin Cosby faced immense grief with the heartbreaking news of her sibling's demise.

Ensa, on February 23, 2018, succumbed to kidney disease, her passing attributed to renal failure while awaiting a crucial kidney transplant. Ensa found her final resting place in the family estate alongside her brother Ennis.

The Cosby family, already marked by tragedy, had to grapple with the loss of two beloved siblings in separate, heartbreaking circumstances.

Cosby's Affairs

Evin was briefly involved with rapper Keith Murray, although Cosby never officially acknowledged their relationship. Murray, on the other hand, openly discussed their past romance, expressing genuine emotions towards her. Regrettably, the relationship did not endure.

Evin Harrah Cosby: Fashion stylist in the picture. Evin was briefly involved with rapper Keith Murray.
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In a concise video, Murray revealed, "I dated Bill Cosby's daughter, but I couldn't get it up because she exactly looked like her father." He elaborated on contemplating marriage but found it difficult due to the challenge of separating Bill Cosby's public image from their connection.

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Celebrity Daughter's Married Life

Cosby and her husband, John Atchison who works as a lawyer enjoy a strong marriage. There is no information suggesting any kind of separation or divorce, between them. They have been blessed with two children, born in 2003 and 2005.

Although Evin Cosby is known publicly she chooses to keep her children's identities private. This decision reflects her dedication to protecting her family's privacy despite her profile.

The Cosby Atchison family values their relationship. Places great importance, on maintaining their privacy while navigating through life together.

Evin's Interests And Career

Harrah Cosby's affinity for the fashion world flourished in her early years, solidifying into a deep passion during her studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

Upon completing her education at FIT, Cosby initiated her career by assisting the stylist on her father's iconic show, The Cosby Show. Recounting her involvement, she revealed, "I would always go backstage and help the stylists at The Cosby Show."

Following this, Cosby secured an internship at Essence magazine and gained valuable experience at Mikki Taylor. Despite facing financial challenges during her time with various fashion entities, Harrah openly acknowledged, "I was like, I have no money. I was interning, and I wasn't making enough. I mean, I was making some, but it wasn't enough."

Confronted with financial constraints, Cosby made the entrepreneurial leap, establishing her clothing store, PB & Cavier, situated in New York City. This avant-garde boutique showcases a thoughtfully curated collection of timeless and sophisticated styles, featuring designers from diverse locations, spanning from London to California.

Harrah 's Net Worth

While public records do not confirm Evin Cosby's exact net worth, her career, as a fashion stylist suggests that she earns an income. On the other hand, her father, Bill Cosby is estimated to have a fortune of $400 million as of 2024.

Evin with her father, Bill Cosby.Evin's father, Bill Cosby have a fortune of $400 million.
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Bill accumulated his wealth through a career. Possesses an impressive real estate portfolio valued at over $100 million. Cosby owns properties in Pennsylvania and Beverly Hills, which significantly contribute to his standing.

Although Evin's financial details are not explicitly stated the overall Cosby family represents a legacy of accomplishment and prosperity.

Cosby's Philanthropy Practices

The impact of the Cosby family extends beyond the entertainment industry and Evin's life choices reflect a blend of business acumen and compassion. As an entrepreneur, she has adeptly navigated the challenges of running a business and established herself as a figure in a competitive field.

In addition to her business endeavors, Evin has dedicated herself to philanthropy aligning with the commitment of the Cosby family to create change, in society.

Social Media Presence Of Celebrity Daughter

In the era of widespread social media use, Evin Cosby consciously maintains a restrained online profile, opting to shield her personal life from the constant scrutiny of the public gaze. Her intentional detachment from the digital spotlight highlights a steadfast dedication to privacy, a characteristic uncommon in a time marked by extensive sharing and perpetual connectivity.

Despite her limited online presence, Evin remains intricately linked with her family, nurturing the bonds of love and support that unite the Cosby clan. Thus far, there is no information available regarding any controversies or negative relationships involving Evin.

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