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Eve Torres Gracie was born with her birth name as Eve Marie Torres during August 21, 1984. Eve was born in Boston, Ma s sachusetts of United States and he is 31 years old in her age. Currently she is living in Los Angeles of California and she is professionally a wrestler. Her work and achievements in WWE is remarkable step for her life. Eve spent her early childhood in Denver, Colorado. Her background belongs from Latina and the name of her younger brother is Phillip. Her brother also got appeared within television programs named Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.

Eve started her career within the field of dancing and modeling from her very early age. After she joined to University of Southern California she started her official career with presenting herself in cover shoot of the magazines. She is also dictated as one of the member of Omega Phi Beta sorority and with the position of Vice-Precedent she worked within there for many of her years. With full-time of her working as a model she entered into the WWE. During the year 2007 she became the part of it and also she made her entry within SmackDown in the year 2008 and 2009 that made her a success to maintain a strong bio.

Eve personal life looks very stable in regard of her family background and well living. Eve got married with her spouse named Rener Gracie and they weeded in April 2014. They were in affair since a long period of time so they officially mentioned each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. Eve also stated that she was liked by many boys during her college days and they offered her to make her as girlfriend. She is now the mother of children and ongoing the happy relationship with her married life. There is no any bad past story about the divorce of relationship of her married life. Similarly, Eve is also straight in her sexuality and there are no any rumors about it. She has also never been into any controversy regarding her bio in personal life. Eve is also known with her nickname as Evie and Evelicious. During her free time Eve loves travelling and reading books. She also loves partying with her friends every Friday and she is very good in dance. Eve is very helpful in her nature. This might also be the reason why her friends state her with the title “Sweet Heart”.

Eve is 5 feet 8 inches tall in her height and her weight mentioned within the social sites is stated around 130 lbs. Her salary and net worth in review of her bio is also itself a successful range of amount and that is around 1.8 million American dollars. It is a s sumed to be more in the upcoming years. 

by Bchrome, 02 Feb, 2016

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