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Evan Gregory is the oldest of the team called The Gregory Brothers. They are a musical group belonging to America whose songs are characterized by being Country and Soul, Folk and Roll. The group includes four members and Gregory is the oldest of them all. Their viral videos are what make them hugely popular amongst the audience. While his actual date of birth is not known, it can be said that he is originally from Brooklyn, New York. His career and bio are searched by the fans of the band widely.

The band was formed by siblings Andrew Rose Gregory, Michael Gregory, Evan and Evan’s wife named Sarah Fullen.  The Winning Song has been their most viral and well known video up to date which has won the 2012 Comedy Award. Their first EP named Meet the Gregory Brothers was released on May 29, 2009. It was hugely praised by the audience and the EP was ranked as the top selling one on Arnie Street. The album topped the category of Soul/ R&B.

The Gregory brothers also appear as the members of The Welcome Wagon’s debut album. The album named Welcome to the Welcome Wagon features them as the members of the Welcome Wagon Choir. The YouTube name of the band is schmoyoho. The YouTube videos released by the band too have been hugely popular amongst the audience. The videos they record include the voices of news anchors, political pundits, politicians which are digitally manipulated to form a comedic video with a refreshing appeal. Their political satires too are as famous as their songs are and the brothers have been known best for their Auto Tune and Songify series. Apart from being the keys and vocalist member of the band, Evan has not established a personal career.

As far as the personal life of Evan Gregory is to be concerned, it can be said that he is a married man and has a wife. His spouse is none other than the vocalist and ba s sist of the band The Gregory Brothers, Sarah Fullen Gregory. Sarah and Evan met in Brooklyn in the local music scene. The couple fell in love and started an affair. They got married soon after but the exact date of their marriage is not available. The four people decided to form a band called The Gregory Brothers which became a huge success amongst the audience. Apart from his wife, Evan has never been a s sumed to be dating anybody or cheating upon his wife. The couple does not have any children as of now. Evan has never been a s sumed to be a gay or a bi-sexual as of now.

Evan Gregory surely has acc u mulated a huge amount of name, fame and money by being a part of the successful band. But the actual net worth he possesses and the salary he gets are mysterious details hidden well from his fans.

by Bchrome, 11 Feb, 2016

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