Eugenia Kuzmina

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Eugenia Kuzmina is comedian as well as model by her profession, in addition to this she is also an actress. The professional stage of this successful actress started from August 2004 where she got featured within Glamour. In addition to this she also presented herself within Yves Saint Laurent was appreciable work performed by him. She also got presented within many of the advertisement like Hermes, GAP as well as in the year 2011 she converted herself as an actress and professionalize into acting. Her father was nuclear scientist by her profession but while she was 15 years in her age his father died. Her mother was homemaker and after the death of her father she worked as professional ice skater. She was brought up by her sister because of her busy schedule of her mother busy schedule.

Eugenia was interested in modeling from the early stage of her career. She was trained by top level of models for the national commercial ads. She worked in Rc Cola also worked within the Pole Chudes and Yeralash which provided her with good feedback from her fans. Addition to this she also later worked in Ford Models Europe during the very early time as her professional start of career. Later she also continued within IMG and within Glamour during August 2004 was the stage when she started gaining fame and publicity from her fans. Advertisement for Armani Jeans is also the appreciable work undertaken by her.

Eugenia hair color is blonde and blue in eye color. Looking on to her personal profile it can be seen that her profile is hidden in aspect of her information related about her husband and children though she is said to be a married lady. Eugenia nationality is American and she has not any divorce story stated yet. Her excellent figure and bikini looks makes her to get bolder among her fans. She has not been any part of rumor and controversy related with her sexuality. She also dated one of her boy in her college days but that did not lasted for a long duration as because they were having conflicts in their relationship. She is very religious in her habit and has a good faith in god. She is planning to change the internal decoration of her home very soon. She is very good traveler and loves travelling around the cities in her free time. 

Her height and weight has not been elaborated however she looks absolutely brilliant with her well-toned figure. Her salary and net worth because of her looks and presentation makes her to earn much in amount compared to the previous year. In the latest data estimated she is able to collect with the net worth of around 6 million American dollars. Eugenia is planning to invest some of the amount in her new business.

by sanjeet, 21 Apr, 2016

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