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Esther Haddad caught the public attention when she entered into a relationship, with a celebrity Jose Canseco Capas Jr., who is a former Cuban American baseball player. At first, their marriage appeared to be filled with love and happiness. As time went on complications arose due to Jose's struggles with addiction.

Unfortunately, their loving relationship turned turbulent, and were spoiled by instances of domestic violence. As a result, they eventually decided to separate. If you're curious to learn more, about Esther Haddad's journey keep reading for details.

How Was Esther's Early Years?

Haddad, a spouse of a known personality was born in the United States in 1964. She is currently, in her fifties and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Raised with an emphasis on privacy, not much is known about her life or family background.

Esther Haddad Esther Haddad received an education and likely completed school.
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However, it is evident that she received an education and likely completed school. Esther Haddad has always maintained a life keeping details about her upbringing and family out of the public eye.

While there isn't information on her birth year and religious beliefs provides a glimpse into her life and highlights her preference for living away, from the spotlight of celebrity connections.

Esther Haddad's Marriage And Divorce

Although the exact beginning of Haddad's relationship, with her spouse Jose Canseco, is somewhat unclear it appears that they dated for a while before committing. In 1988 they exchanged wedding vows marking the start of what seemed to be a journey 

At first, their relationship was filled with harmony and joy. However, the emergence of Jose's addiction cast a cloud over their marital bliss. As his addiction tightened its grip on him Jose's behavior underwent distressing changes that led to instances of violence within their marriage.

According to reports from Biographies World, the ex-couple found themselves caught up in disputes. With no signs of improvement in sight their relationship spiraled downward until it reached a breaking point when Jose was arrested on February 13th, 1992 for damaging Esther's BMW with his Porsche.

After this alarming incident occurred Esther made the decision to file for divorce ultimately bringing an end, to their union.

Are Former Partners In A Relationship With Someone?

After their divorce Esther, who used to be known as a wife decided to step from the public eye. As a result information, about her activities and relationship status is hard to come by. It seems that she prefers to keep a profile since parting ways with her known ex-husband. 

After their divorce, Esther Haddad decided to step from the public eye.
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While we don't have any details about Esther's situation media sources have reported on what Jose Canseco has been up to after their divorce. Despite being linked to a marriage with Jessica Canseco, a former waitress and author their relationship faced significant challenges.

Jose was arrested again in November 1997 for violence, against Jessica, which eventually led to their separation and subsequent divorce in 1999. Although Esther Haddad's life remains mostly unknown at this time her ex-husband's turbulent relationships have received attention.

Esther's Interests And Professional Endeavours

Haddad is widely recognized as a television personality and a devoted homemaker who takes immense joy in creating a serene and delightful home environment. Unlike some figures, she doesn't involve herself in any business endeavors choosing instead to prioritize her responsibilities.

In addition, to her role as a homemaker, Esther Haddad finds pleasure in leisure activities. She has an interest in traveling, shopping, and indulging in reading during her time.

It's worth mentioning that she admires celebrities with Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie being among her favorites. When it comes to dreaming of the getaway Esther envisions Paris as the vacation destination.

Furthermore, Mexican cuisine holds a place in her heart when it comes to preferences showcasing her diverse tastes. Embracing the color red as her hue adds another layer of uniqueness, to Esther Haddad's personality beyond just being associated with a prominent sports figure.

How Wealthy Is A Celebrity EX-Spouse?

Esther, a stay-at-home mom may not have personal wealth. However, her former husband, who had a career, in Major League Baseball accumulated a net worth. Interestingly she received around $6 million as part of their divorce settlement. On the other hand, her ex-spouse's net worth is currently estimated at $800 thousand as of January 2024.

Jose Canseco with his ex-wife, Jessica Canseco and their daughter Esther Haddad's ex-spouse, Jose Canseco's net worth is currently estimated at $800 thousand.
SOURCE: Marriedceleb

This indicates a decrease compared to his peak earnings. He allegedly amassed a fortune exceeding $40 million throughout his 17-year Major League Baseball (MLB) career, dissipating it soon after acquisition. Jose Canseco, the baseball player supplements his income through endorsements and advertising campaigns.

It's important to note that Esther Haddad's financial situation is connected to her divorce settlement and grants her a sum of money. In contrast, Jose Canseco has experienced a decline in his worth but continues to earn income through various means such, as endorsements.

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Physical Appearance Of TV Personality

Esther stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters or 1.7 meters). Weighs around 60 kg (132 lbs). Her body measurements are reported as 34 24 35 inches with a bra size of 33 B.

When it comes to shoes Haddad wears size 8 in the United States. She has captivating eyes and long brown hair that adds to her charm.

Her complexion is described as fair. She maintains a figure, which contributes to her elegant appearance. These details provide a glimpse, into Esther Haddad's physical features showcasing her individuality beyond just being associated with celebrities.

Haddad's Social Media Presence

Previously the ex-wife of a celebrity was quite active, on media platforms. However, at present, she seems to have taken a break from all her accounts. Although she had profiles on social media platforms, Esther Haddad no longer uses them.

Since her divorce from Jose Canseco, Haddad has decided to stay away from events. In the past, she used to accompany her husband to public gatherings.

Ever since their separation, Esther has opted for a low-key approach and chooses not to participate in public engagements. This change, in her media and public presence clearly shows that she intentionally seeks a private and reserved life after going through a divorce.

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