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The perfect word to describe him is a legend and he has earned it. Everyone does not get that tag and it is his sheer brilliance and skills that have made him idols to millions. He has been a legendary guitarist and the music he has given to the industry is phenomenal and will live in the memories of his fans forever. He is none other than the very respectful Eric Johnson.


Eric Johnson was born in the year 1954 on 17th of August and this makes his age 62 at this current time of the year 2016. He was born in a place called Austin which lies in Texas of United States of America. He belongs to the nationality American and his ethnicity is white. He has been active in the industry from the year 1969 and in these long years, there is nothing that he has not achieved in his wonderful career.

Education and Early Life

His family members were also related to music and this made him very easy to get a grab into the music industry. He was guided very well by his guardians. He began learning musical instruments like a guitar from a very early life. In fact, he started playing from a very early age of only 11. He went to the University of Texas for his degree. Eric Johnson was a born superstar and his fans are thankful that he exists and his guitar exists.


It is his music which has made him a god among his fans. His album called Seven Worlds was a sensation and did pretty well. His album called Tones was released back in the year 1986 on 12th of March and it did amazing. The songs did very well and they topped the charts as well. In the year 1990 on 28th of February, he released an album called Ah Via Musicom and it was labeled with Capitol. It can be taken as his one of the biggest hits if not the biggest.  

Personal life

After being so popular and so successful, Eric Johnson has managed to keep his personal life entirely private. People often get confused and take him as the football player Eric Johnson but they are two different people. He must be a married man and must have a wife but a detail about his wife is not available at this time. He is a cla s s act and if he has a family he must be a very responsible guardian.


Eric Johnson has always enjoyed great earnings. According to some sources, he has an amazing net worth of $200 thousand and this proves how successful he is and he has been. It does not seem like he is available on popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram.  


by ab-niranjan, 29 Nov, 2016

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