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Eric Darnell was born in 1961 and he is around 54-55 years old in his age that is belonging to the holly from the back 1989 being as an animator, screenwriter as well as film director within the industry. His working is remarkably counted within Antz as where he was working as a co-director and he was working in collaboration with Tim Johnson. Additionally he also did his amazing co-writing within Madagascar as well as its various parts. His father was a driver and his mother was working as a personal a s sistant within one of the fine company of the town. Eric was very shy in his early childhood and he was imagining becoming a doctor in the early phase

Eric joined Shawnee Mission East High School for his early level of schooling. He also worked being as a writer within the newspaper of the school during the very early phase. Later with his interest he studied broadcast journalism and his University Level of education was completed from university of Colorado Boulders during the very time and got graduated in the year 1983. His 4 years of time after his graduation was dedicated within working in experimental films in the very time for his proper basement. For his betterment in professional working he also joined California Institute of Arts for the other further progressive working. Along with this he also did music video and this was again the year 1989 and the name of the song title is “Get Up” which itself was a great story of success and hit.

Eric spouse name is Laura and they are the parents of children. They have stated the name of their son as Rex and the name of their daughter is Leah. As according to the rumors that they were having affair from a very long duration made them to be together and got into married life. Eric was also mentioned with one girlfriend in his college days and they were having a healthy affair but unfortunately this couple got broke up and the reason behind their separation is unknown. Eric is very happy person and he claims himself a satisfied person with his workings. Eric loves painting in his free time and he is good at sketch as well. Eric has also made the beautiful painting of his spouse.

Eric is also engaged within social charity related to the victim of heart disease where he has built building for the victims as well as provided necessary net worth to the needy person as well as in the charity trust. 

Eric height seems tall and his salary also a s sumes to be as tall as his looks. His bio has many missing information but his career has somehow been highlighted part of the media. He has been capable enough to grab a positive attention from the media in such it can be said.

by Bchrome, 13 Mar, 2016

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