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Elton John was born with his birth name as Sir Elton Hercules John in 25 March 1947. Additionally he is also called out by his name as Reginald Kenneth Dwight. Elton birth place is within Pinner, Middlesex of England and by his profession he is a singer as well as composer working sincerely across the industry from the year 1962 till the present time and context. Additionally he is a s sociated with Time Rice as well as Eminem with his best songs and his genres are Rock, pop rock as well as glam rock. Elton is the one and only child of his mother name Sheila Eileen as well as the eldest child of his father whose name is Stanley Dwight. Within Council house he was grown and brought up by his grandparents and his parents got separated within Pinner. Later after 6 years old his parents got officially married.

For his primary level of education he joined towards Pinner Country Grammar School and along with this he also had his education from Pinner Wood Junior School. He was also attended towards the Reddiford School for his schooling. He also studied A Levels for his education and after this he joined to the music industry as because of his interest. His father was within the flight lieutenant therefore he encouraged him to look towards his career within the banking sector but his interested was always within the music therefore he was interested in joining the Saturday cla s ses for music within the Central London.

For the very first time Elton got married with his affair in 1960. The name of his spouse was Linda Woodrow who was secretary by her profession. Later this couple had a divorce that made him again to get married with German Recording engineer during 14 February 1984. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day they got married and the name of his spouse was Renate Blauel. The doubt about his sexuality made him to flash of being himself as a bisexual in the year 1976 within one of the interview he clearly mentioned about it and declared himself being a gay and he is comfortable about it. Later on in the year 1993 he stated of having an affair with David Furnish and after the gay marriage became legal within the country in March 2014 they got married. They got their children from the surrogate mother and they are now the parents of their 2 sons whose names are Zachary Jackson Levon and Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish. There is no any indication of divorce in the latest bio of this couple. 

The height of Elton is stated around 5 feet 8 inches in tall with his proper body measurement. His career made him successful with his salary and collection of net worth around 450 million American dollars.

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