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Ellie Kanner can also be dictated as Ellie Kanner Zuckerman who was born in United States. She is an active face belonging from American film industry. Additionally she is also director within the television as well as casting director formally. Ellie active years started from the year 1991 and she is achieving a successful position in her career stage. She was very curious to move within Los Angeles during her early age and her pa s sion was mostly within the entertainment field of study. Ellie spent her most of the time within Bloomfield, Connecticut and her mother supported her to join her career within the field. Ellie was 3rd out of 5 children holding American nationality as belonging.

Ellie completed her University level of education from Southern Connecticut State University and later she was transferred within Pasadena City College. She was taken by Arthur Associates as soon as she was dropped out from the school times. This was a talent agency and she also worked with some of the dashing celebrity of the town being as a representative in the very time. Some of those were Shelley Berman and Ellen DeGeneres. Ellie was even casted into many television programs some of them includes Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as well as Special Unit 2 is included under the best performance undertaken by her.

Ellie got married with David Zukerman as her spouse during the time while she was busy in her career. David and Ellie met each other in one of the television set where David was engaged as television producer as well as writer within the very time. Ellie is the mother of 2 children and the names are Zachary and Adam and there is no any clear information whether she got divorce with her husband or not. Ellie never disclosed any name of boyfriend except about her affair with David and her bio also has no any specific information in this regard. Ellie these days is busy in her career and she is also providing her qualitative time to her children and spending healthy moments with them. Even she loves visiting out to her relatives and friends along with her children in her free time. Ellie is a good singer and she also used to perform in her college programs but she did not give singing as a professional stand because of her interest across the film sector.

Ellie used to maintain her figure properly and she is totally balanced with her body structure. Yet, her weight and height is absent in her profile. The latest salary of Ellie has also increased 30% than that of last year. Accordingly, the actual net worth of Ellie is also estimated to be around 2 million American dollars which is explored in beginning of the very year. 

by Bchrome, 24 Mar, 2016

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