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Elizabeth Francis Frakes, daughter of renowned actors Genie Francis and Jonathan Frakes, is a multifaceted theater actor, writer, and filmmaker based in Portland and Los Angeles. Her mother, Genie Francis, is famous for roles in soap operas like 'General Hospital,' 'Days of Our Lives,' and 'The Young and the Restless.' 

Eliza Frakes' creative work spans various mediums, including plays, screenplays, poetry, and fiction. Her artistic focus often explores the presence of absurdity in everyday life, the intersection of humor and drama, and societal and political themes.

Early Life Details 

Elizabeth Francis Frakes, the daughter of Jonathan and Genie, entered the world on May 30, 1997, in Maine. Spending her formative years in Belfast, Maine, alongside her brother Jameson Ivor Frakes, she is in her mid-20s.

A childhood picture of Eliza Frakes with her family.  SOURCE: Instagram

Jameson, her brother, diverges from the on-screen path, pursuing a music career. He studied documentary studies at Ithaca College, showcasing a different artistic inclination. Eliza completed her academic journey, obtaining a degree in English and Theater from Lewis and Clark College in 2019.

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Career As A Theater Artist

Eliza Frakes initiated her theater journey in her mid-teens, winning a notable National YoungArts Foundation Honorable Mention at the age of 15 for her film IV Script, With Love, Tuck, and Alex. During her time at Viewpoint School, she expressed a keen interest in studying filmmaking to create documentaries addressing environmental concerns. 

In college, Eliza actively engaged in both the English and Theatre departments, undertaking an independent study bridging both fields, resulting in the creation of a pilot and a play. Her original pilot script achieved recognition at the Wildsound Festival's student branch.

Throughout her university years, Eliza earned the Departmental Distinction Award for her acting prowess. To refine her acting skills, she studied with the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble, delving into devising Shakespeare. She also served as an RA/TA at Fir Acres' writing workshop in Portland, Oregon.

About Eliza Frakes' Parents Relationship Details

Eliza Frakes' parents, Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis, first crossed paths during the filming of the mini-series "Bare Essence" in 1982. Their initial meeting led to a romance that began in 1985, solidifying further during their second encounter while working on another mini-series titled "North and South" in 1984.

Eliza Frakes' parents Genie Francis and her husband Jonathan Frakes. SOURCE: Boston Globe

Jonathan and Genie's relationship progressed, resulting in an engagement in 1986 and culminating in marriage on May 28, 1988. Since then, they have remained happily married. Following their union, they welcomed two children into their family. Their son, Jameson Ivor Frakes, was born in 1994, followed by their daughter, Elizabeth Francis Frakes, born in 1997.

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Elizabeth’s Works As A Theater Background

Eliza Frakes, after training at the Portland Experimental Theatre Ensemble, diversified her career across the country, contributing to writers' rooms, sets, theaters, and education. While remotely working at Fuzzy Door Productions in Los Angeles, she showcased her acting talent in various theater roles and short films, gaining recognition at Cannes and the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

Her growing portfolio as a playwright includes works like "Remembrance Day" and "Moleman." Renowned for her skill in devising original material, Frakes has adeptly portrayed roles in classical, modern, and experimental plays at both academic and professional levels.

Founding director of 920 Collective and affiliated with Corrib Theatre, she extended her expertise into television as a Writer's PA at CBS All Access. During her Echo Theatre residency, she premiered her full-length play, "Moleman." Concurrently, she established the Might Be A Bad One Collective, fostering a collaborative space for interdisciplinary artists.

Who Is Eliza Frakes' Boyfriend?

Eliza Frakes has maintained a private stance regarding her personal life, notably regarding her romantic relationships. She has refrained from public discussions or interviews addressing family matters or divulging details about her potential romantic partner.

Jonathan Frakes' daughter Eliza Frakes is single at the moment. SOURCE: Facebook

Additionally, Eliza's private Instagram account has limited access, offering few insights into her personal life or any potential love interests. This discretion has contributed to a sense of mystery surrounding her romantic status, leaving her audience and followers curious about this aspect of her life.

What Is Eliza Frakes' Parents Net Worth?

Eliza's father, Jonathan Frakes, an accomplished actor and Harvard graduate, boasts an estimated net worth surpassing $25 million. His wealth primarily stems from a longstanding acting career that commenced in the late '70s.

Despite his breakthrough in the Star Trek franchise several decades ago, Jonathan continues to secure consistent roles in the entertainment industry. Similarly, Eliza's mother, actress Genie Frakes, is reportedly worth close to $25 million. Her success in the acting realm has contributed significantly to her substantial wealth.

Career As A Teacher & Writer 

During her time at Viewpoint School, at the age of 16, Elizabeth authored a children's book titled "I Don't Want To Play Princess," drawing inspiration from her summers spent outdoors at Lake Megunticook in Maine.

Simultaneously, while studying at Viewpoint, Frakes acquired certification as a yoga instructor. She utilized her skills by teaching yoga to children from underprivileged backgrounds. Alongside her literary endeavors, she has also ventured into poetry, with some of her works published in The Portland Review.



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