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Elcid Evidente, a Filipino homemaker, has become widely recognized as the mother of two social media sensations, Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero. She was previously married to Lanz Ongsee, a Filipino businessman and the biological father of Ranz Kyle.

Elcid Evidente has garnered attention not only for her role as a mother but also for her connection to the flourishing online presence of her talented children. To know more about Elcid's early life, marriage, interests, career, net worth, etc, continue reading the article below. 

Evidente's Married Life With Nino

Elcid Evidente, a private individual with two marriages, prioritizes a discreet life away from the public eye. Her current marriage is with Nino Guerrero, a school teacher, although the details of their meeting and wedding remain undisclosed.

Elcid Evidente with her husband and their child Elcid Evidente is a private individual with two marriages.
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While occasionally sharing glimpses on Instagram, Elcid and Nino maintain a level of privacy. Nino, on Instagram, contributes to the Guerrero family's notable online presence.

The couple, married for an extended period, presents content and blended family, evident in their shared photos and videos on social media. They have three daughters, Natalia, Niana, and Nina Stephanie, all prominent social media personalities.

Elcid's Previous Marriage With Lanz

Elcid Evidente's first marriage was to Lanz Ongsee, a Filipino businessman and the biological father of Ranz Kyle. Their love story began in the Philippines, where they quickly fell for each other, leading to a small wedding ceremony.

Together, they welcomed two children, Kyle and Chelsea Hilary Evidente Ongsee, affectionately known as Seah. Despite the initial joy, the marriage faced undisclosed challenges, eventually leading to an unknown cause for their divorce.

The couple's decision to part ways marked the end of their union, leaving behind a shared history and the upbringing of their two children. The details surrounding the separation remain private, allowing Elcid Evidente to keep this chapter of her personal life discreet.

How Was Elcid's Early Years?

During her years Elcid, who was born in the Philippines values her privacy. Chooses not to disclose specific details, about her personal life. She keeps her birthdate, and birthplace as information about her parents and siblings confidential to respect her family's privacy.

Elcid being of Filipino descent holds Filipino nationality. Although there is information regarding her educational background she likely attended school and college in the Philippines. However, the specific details of her accomplishments remain undisclosed.

Elvis's decision to maintain this level of privacy reflects her desire for a life. It allows her to focus on supporting her children and nurturing a family-oriented lifestyle away, from attention.

Elcid Is A Proud Mother

Elcid is a loving mother who wholeheartedly supports and nurtures her children's passions. She creates an environment that empowers them to explore their interests in music, dance, acting, and social media. Elcid actively participates in their projects often appearing alongside them in videos and photos to express her love and unwavering support.

Elcid Evidente with her husband and their childElcid is a loving mother who wholeheartedly supports and nurtures her children's passions.
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One child she is especially proud of is Ranz Kyle, a known personality who excels in singing acting, dancing, and creating content, on YouTube. However, Elcid extends her encouragement to all of her children regardless of their pursuits in education, sports, fashion, or modeling. She takes pride in the range of interests they have chosen.

Elcid celebrates every accomplishment and milestone achieved by her children. Her heartfelt wishes are for them to experience everlasting happiness and continued success, in their fields.

Homemaker's Physical Appearance

Evidente has an appealing personality, which is enhanced by her beautiful black hair. Her shiny and flowing locks add to her beauty giving her a captivating appearance. Along, with her eyes and straight nose these features further highlight her attractiveness.

Even though she's not involved in the industry she puts in effort to keep her body well-maintained and stays in good shape. It's truly commendable considering she is a mother of five children.

How Wealthy Is Elcid Evidente?

Although Elcid Evidente hasn't acquired an amount of wealth from a profession her daughter Niana Guerrero has achieved a substantial net worth of $3 million. Nina's earnings come from her endeavors as a singer, dancer, and vlogger.

Elucid herself is not involved in any business ventures. On the other hand, Elucid's son, Ranz Guerrero has accumulated a worth of $3.1 million through his flourishing career, as an actor, singer, dancer, and social media influencer.

Elcid Evidente with her husband Elcid Evidente hasn't acquired an amount of wealth from a profession.
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In addition, to his pursuits, Ranz also supplements his income through vlogs. This contributes to his success beyond his primary career paths.

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Elcid's Social Media Presence

Evidentes online presence seems to have decreased as she is now posting pictures of her spouse and children, on social media compared to before. Unlike her son, Ranz Kyle, and daughter, Niana Guerrero who are both known online personalities with a large following Evidente doesn't have a verified Instagram or Facebook account.

This difference in visibility in media suggests that Evidente has chosen to keep a lower profile in the virtual world, unlike her famous children who maintain a more prominent presence online.

Her reduced activity on social media aligns with her preference for a reserved lifestyle, which sets her apart, from the online engagements of her kids.

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by Joseph, 05 Feb, 2024

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