Eddy Quintela

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Eddy gained recognition as the husband of the renowned singer Christine McVie.  Even though they divorced in 2003, Eddy and Christine maintained a friendship and continued to collaborate professionally.

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Early Life And Educational Background

Eddy Quintela originally named Eduardo Quintela de Mendonça was born in Estoril, Portugal sometime, between 1943 and 1945. His nationality and ethnicity are Portuguese.

Affectionately known as Eddy, he attended a school before pursuing his higher education at a private university and obtaining a graduate degree. Quintela had a command of the language and made his mark in the music industry as a composer, keyboardist, and songwriter. 

Quintela's Married Life And His Life After Divorce

Eddy and Christine tied the knot on October 18, 1986, maintaining their marriage until 2003. The reasons for their divorce were not publicly disclosed by Eddy, yet they continued to collaborate and remained close friends even after parting ways.

A picture of music composer Eddy Quintela with his Ex-wife Christine McVie.
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Christine McVie is a highly acclaimed English musician and vocalist and is renowned for her role in the Fleetwood Mac band, receiving the Basca Gold Badge of Merit Award in 2006. Before Eddy, Christine was married to musician John McVie until 1976.

The public is not privileged to information regarding whether Eddy and Christine had any children during their marriage. However, in the course of our investigation, we identified Eddy's daughter, who is now over 20 years old. 

A picture of music composer, Eddy Quintela with his Ex-wife Christine McVie.
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Sarah Quintela, also known as Sara Mendonca, revealed on Facebook that she was 17 when her father passed away in 2020. Notably, Sarah Quintela has shared a photograph with her father. Additionally, Sandra Mendonça and Matilde Mendonça are two recent additions to Sarah's family.


Eddy was equally recognized in musical circles. He embarked on a career as a composer, keyboardist, and songwriter after completing his studies in Portugal. Creating significant connections between the British and American music industries, Quintela received early opportunities to contribute to both markets.

Before his return to Portugal in 2010, Quintela dedicated himself diligently to the music industry. His notable contributions include songwriting for Christine McVie's band, Fleetwood Mac, with compositions featured in Little Lies and Tango in the Night. Following Eddie's divorce from Christine, he collaborated on her solo album, In The Meantime, released in 2004.

Quintela seized opportunities to write songs alongside renowned artists like Adelaide Ferreira and Fernando Cunha. In addition to the music composer's involvement in a rock opera project, he made significant contributions to the music of various television shows. Here is a selection of his works.

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Eddie's Famous Compositions

Eddy's noteworthy contributions to the music industry are clear through his various body of work. He played a key role in composing the timeless hit "Little Lies," showcasing his songwriting talents on various platforms, including the television series "Morning Joe," "Beat Shazam," and "Younger." 

Quintela's artistic touch extended to iconic shows like "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and "Atop the Fourth Wall," where his compositions, including "Little Lies" and "Isn't it Midnight," left an indelible mark. In addition to his television ventures, Quintela delved into the world of music videos, composing for Fleetwood Mac's "Little Lies" and the live rendition of "Temporary One."

Celebrity's husband's versatility as a composer extended beyond music videos to include notable projects such as "The Story of Fleetwood Mac" TV special. Furthermore, Eddie lent his musical expertise to unconventional yet essential endeavors like composing for Rue McClanahan's "The Cat Care Video Guide" and "The Dog Care Video Guide." 

Music composer's impact on the music and entertainment industry continues to resonate with audiences across various platforms by showcasing his ability to create engaging compositions for diverse audiences. 

Death Of The Music Composer

Sadly, Quintela passed away in Portugal on 16th October 2020. He left behind a career in the music industry that will be remembered for years to come. At the time of Eddy's passing, he was estimated to be between 75 and 77 years old. Standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall Eddy's legacy lives on through his contributions and enduring friendship with Christine McVie. 

Their cherished memories were shared with his daughter Sarah Quintela (Sara Mendonca) as well as with Sarah's newer family members Sandra Mendonça and Matilde Mendonça. Eddy Quintela's impact on both British and American music scenes stands as a testament, to his talent and unwavering dedication.

Net Worth

While Eddy is no longer able to disclose his earnings, it is approximated that the composer possessed a net worth of USD 1 million at the time of his passing, derived from his various music projects.

Following Quintela's demise, his daughter has chosen to forbear a comfortable life to honor and continue her father's legacy.

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