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Ed Manning will always remain in the hearts of basketball lovers and his name is written in the history books with golden ink. He was born in the year 1944 on 2nd January and he pa s sed away in the year 2011 on 4th of March. He was born in a place called Summit which lies in Mississippi of United States of America and pa s sed away in Fort Worth which lies in Texas. His amazing game won millions of hearts and when he pa s sed away millions of people broke into tears. He also served the game as a coach and never stopped till his last breath to serve the game.

He went to a college called Jackson State and continued his playing career and educational career. He played for several teams in his career and outcla s sed his opponents throughout his whole career. From the year 1967 to the year 1970 he played for a team called Baltimore Bullets and then he moved to another very popular and very successful team called Chicago Bulls. He was not there for a long period of time as he moved to Portland Trail Blazers and played for them till the year 1971. In his long career he played for other teams with the likes of Indiana Pacers, Carolina Lighting and New York Nets. His statistics proves what a big player he was in his playing days. He had an impressive statistics of 5.9 points per game. He also had a very impressive 4.5 rebounds per game and his turnovers could be really lethal for hopes of his opponent. He also has a very impressive 0.8 a s sists per game.

He was a married man but details on his wife are not available. He was not gay at all as he had a child whose name is Danny Manning. He was a pure gentleman and it did not seem like he was having any extra marital affair or having any girlfriend.

A lot of information on him and his interesting and inspiring biography can be easily grabbed from wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. It did not seem like he was involved in social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. He was not engaged in Facebook as well. He was very successful in his career and because of that he was living his dream life. He had his net worth in millions of dollars in his living days. He was a very tall man as he had a great height of 6 feet 7 inches which is around 2.01 meters. He had the perfect weight of 95 kilograms which is around 210 lb. His weight perfectly matched his height as well. He was a very down to earth and always used to carry a smile on his face and this made him lovable.          

by sanjeet, 22 May, 2015

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