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Dwele was born as Andwele Gardner in February 14, 1979. He is American soul singer. Additionally he is also songwriter and record producer belonging from Detroit, Michigan. Dwele is 38 years old and his genres are soul, neo soul and jazz. Occupationally he is active from 2000 till present time. He was brought up from musical family and started playing piano from the age of 6. Later he learned to play trumpet, ba s s and guitar with support of his father. His mother was also good dancer and they both inspired him to choose music for the professional identity. Dwele holds American nationality however; his ethnicity is not known.

As soon as he completed his education Dwele’s professional career began. He started performing in stage programs and was highly inspired from hip hop group named A Tribe Called Quest. He worked as an MC over there and later worked along with Slum Village. Even he recorded his demo across bedroom and named it as the Rize. He sold it out of the trunk of his car and holds about 100 copies during the very time in a week. His work in the Independent in 2005 is also counted as notable work along with featuring first single from My Beautiful dark Twisted Fantasy from Kanye West. The title of the song is “Power”.

Having hidden profile with low information and story, there is not any detail about his wife in the bio. Though he is noted as married man, he has not introduced lady of his life. Focusing more in songs and albums he looks busy in career. Dwele is caught with a lady time and again and the rumor there is of him being husband of the lady but he is not confessing any facts regarding it. Dwele has never spotted with any gossips about his affair and dating. He clarified himself as a shy person and with the weight of actual moment he will be sharing his personal information. Till the date he has not listed any children of him and neither described how responsible is he towards the family. Dwele loves enjoying time by fishing. He even served as waiter for some duration of time to start his career and make an earning. He got 2 aquariums in his home and highly attached with it. He is planning to get another one very soon in near future. Dwele is not gay.

Dwele height is 5 feet 11 inches with properly maintained weight. Earning successful amount of 5 million dollars as net worth his salary is also increasing in ratio. He has properly maintained body looking his pictures available. He can be searched in Instagram and Twitter. He has not made up his profile in Facebook yet. For further information Wikipedia can be searched to know more about him.

by Bchrome, 27 Jun, 2016

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