Dwayne Johnson launches a motivational clock app named "The Rock"

Dwayne Johnson has launched a motivational clock app and named it as '''The Rock'; the name by which he is famous among WWE and wrestling fans. 

The Rock Clock highlights custom sounds and cautions - clients can wake up to the commotion of cutting apparatuses, bells or even letters from the man himself. BUT, he disagrees with the idea of not waking up immediately and has not included the snooze option on his app. 

The application can be customized like some other wake up timer or can be set to The Rock's opportunity implying that you'll be woken at 4.15am so as to begin working out.

Notwithstanding, it likewise welcomes you to set objectives and targets. Pre-recorded useful tidbits and support from Johnson will play as you get nearer to accomplishments. The Rock is likewise encouraging to convey selective video messages to help fans and application clients.

Johnson, who has the net worth of $125 million, is very much hopeful regarding the success of his newly launched app.

If you are a fitness freak and a follower of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you surely should be downloading it on your cell phone.


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