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Widely known for his no-nonsense advice to his patients Dr. Nowzaradan is a general and vascular surgeon. He researched and developed cutting-edge laparoscopic procedures to treat morbidly obese patients. It's been over two decades that Nowzaradan is performing bariatric surgery on the most challenging weight reduction surgical candidates. Along with surgical career, he is also a popular character most recognized for his appearance on the TLC reality TV series My 600-Ib Life (2012-present).      

Early Life, Bio, And Education Of Dr. Nowzaradan 

Dr. Nowzaradan was born on 11 October 1944, in Iran. He enrolled at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences School of Medicine and received his medical degree.   

Dr. Nowzaradan's Professional Career 

Dr. Nowzaradan is Iranian and American general and vascular surgeon. It's been over two decades that Nowzaradanis performing bariatric surgery on the most challenging weight reduction surgical candidates. Most of his patients were denied by other surgical professionals.    

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The Iranian-born doc is also a character who grabbed a limelight following his appearance on the reality television series My 600-lb Life. He is also a member of a variety of organizations including the American College of Surgery, the Texas Medical Association, and the American Medical Association, in Harris County. 

Moreover, Nowzaradan also featured on Half Ton Teen and World’s Heaviest Man Part II

Dr. Nowzaradan's Net Worth And Salary 

Dr. Nowzaradan has spent over two decades in practice and is regularly appeared on screen talking to his morbidly obese patients. Along with fame, the gruff doctor has also collected a considerable amount of net worth. As per some authorized sources, his net worth is believed to be over $2 million. 

Nowzaradana is one of the most successful Vascular Surgeons across the United States and his annual salary is over $243,139.     

Dr. Nowzaradan's Personal Life 

Dr. Nowzaradan was married to girlfriend-turned-wife Delores Nowzaradan in 1975. The couple is also a proud parent of three children Johnathan Nowzaradan, Jennifer Nowzaradan, Jessica Nowzaradan. His son Jonathan is also the producer of My 600-lb Life.   


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Despite their loving marital relationship, in 2002, Nowzaradan's wife Delores filed for divorce citing insupportability and cruel treatment. As per court decision, Delores received 70 percent of their joint a s sets the aforementioned cash, their marital home as well as a separate property. 

In 2007 and 2012, the doctor faced several serious legal charges too. Colleen Shepherd filed a case against Nowzaradan over the death of her daughter, Tina Shepherd who pa s sed away a year later from complications of liver failure and blood poisoning, as per The Houston Chronicle. 

One of his other patients has lodged a joint lawsuit against Younan in 2018 asking for between $200,000 and $1million in damages. The doctor, however, has denied the patient's allegations.

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