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Amr Ellissy was born in Egypt from Egyptian parents, but detail information about his date of birth is missing. Amr belongs to Arabian Asian descent and she was raised in middle cla s s family. Ellissy spent his most of his childhood and youth in his birth land Egypt. According to Amr Ellissy’s nationality, he is Egyptian. And he belongs to Asian by his ethnicity. Amr’s siblings’ information has not been updated yet.

Amr Ellissy attended the Faculty of Law at Cairo University and later he graduated from the University. Ellissy earned his bachelor degree at the Direction Section from Higher Institute of Arts. Amr was also awarded with PHD degree, with distinction in 2012, from the Higher Institute of Criticism, in conjunction with the Faculty of Media.

Amr started his career as being a TV presenter in 1991, where he was the executive director in a private Arabian TV channel MBC. Later he also started working at the Egyptian State run Television, as a presenter of a weekly TV program called Ekhterak.

Later Amr Elliss also worked for OTV Channel and the AlSaa Lebanese Channel, where he worked for two years from 2006 to 2008. And during his work there he presented a talk show entitled Moagha. Ellissy has also served as Editor-in-Chief and CEO for the weekly liberal Egyptian newspaper Elkhamis. In 2006, Amr worked as narrator for a weekly radio program at the Egyptian State Radio.

Currently, Amr has been working as a media anchor and T.V. Presenter for of a daily Show at AlHAYAH T.V. He has also been working as a lecturer of Media Production. And for his work he has also been awarded the UNESCO prize of the IPDC in 2010. 

Amr Ellissy has been influencing personality in Egypt with charming personality. Amr’s sexual orientation is a s sumed to be straight and his current relational status has not been updated yet.

Amr has presented himself as one of the inspiring personality with his hard work and dedication. Though being a famous television and radio personality he has not revealed much about his personal life details.

Besides his television and radio career, she has also famous for his social work participation, he is a member of a number of non-governmental organizations. Amr is also founder member of Egyptian food Bank and chairman of the Nahdet Misr society. Amr has also interviewed several political celebrities and has maintained proper relationship with them. Amr Ellissy currently lives in Egypt.

Amr Ellissy’s net worth and salary information is missing. Ellissy has black hair and brown eyes with tall figure. Amr has been active in several social networks, he has authorized Twitter account. And Amr’s bio has been updated in Wikipedia. Ellissy’s several clips have also been uploaded in YouTube.

by ab-utshav, 21 May, 2016

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