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Doris Robert was born with her birth name as Doris May Green who was born in November 4, 1925. She was born in St. Louis, Missouri of USA who was 90 in her age while she died. In LA, California she died because in April 17, 2016 who is still been recognized being as an American actress. She is also the receiver of 5 Emmy Awards in her professional life. Along with this she has also build up her professional career within exclusive way winning Screen Actor Guild award during her lifetime. Mostly, people recognize her because of her work and presentation within Everybody Loves Raymond where she was portrayed with the character as Raymond Barone’s Mother with the name of character Marie Barone. Her journey as an actress started from the year 1951 till the year 2016 with successful stage in her professional fame. Her mother name is Ann Meltzer. She was brought up in The Bronx, New York for her further education.

Doris began her career in the year 1952. During the very time she played in Studio One which is a popular television series of the very time. Later on she also got captured within The Naked City in the year 1958 till 1963. Later on she was again offered for Way Out in the year 1961. Her official debut film is Something Wild that was in the year 1961. Doris appearances in the movies like A Lovely Way to die during the year 1960 are listed under the big hit of her career. She also won many award with nomination with her professional excellence in her career.

Doris got married twice in her life. In the very first time her affair with Michael Emilio Cannata during the year 1956 took a good space within the market. This love life turned into married stage till the year 1962 and later this spouse got divorce. Similar to this she again got married with William Goyen during 10 November 1963 and their married life worked till 30 August 1983. Because of his death their love life got ended and she went single till the end of her life. Her trademark is basically her husky resonant voice and short stature. She is also remembered by her people because of her regular play within motherly roles in the films. Her death made a big loss to the industry and her first husband showed great sorrow regard to her obituary. She was very attached with her first child.

Doris height is 5 feet 1 inches in tall and her weight was gained more compared to the previous year before her death. Within the current time her salary and net worth is also exclusive rage of amount. It is elaborated her net worth in the time of her death around 14 million American dollars. She was also working as animal right activist.

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