Does Fox News’ Lisa Boothe have a boyfriend? Find out more details on her personal life here

Lisa Boothe in her own words is a ‘’conservative, strategist and a commentator’’. She a s sociates herself with the right-wing Republican Party and become a contributor to Fox News Channel from 2016.

We know a lot about her professional endeavors, let’s dig into her personal life for a change. Fierce and young, Boothe celebrated her birthday on 3rd February, it doesn't seem to show on her face though.

She is glamorous in her forties as well.  Does this strong, independent and intelligent female journalist have a boyfriend? We will find out.

Who is Lisa Boothe Currently Dating?

You’d be surprised to hear the answer. Before that, we all know Lisa is extremely easy on the eyes, has a vehemently sexy figure, is naturally hot and any other title one would like to give a woman in her thirties with a stunning personality.  



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But look at her boyfriend, do you think she deserves better?


New boyfriend. He's a little short though.

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Jokes apart, even though Lisa is pretty active on Instagram and Twitter, there’s not any mention of a boyfriend or a husband.

She shares a lot of her friends and family. Lisa Marie Boothe seems pretty public in that regard if she had a proper boyfriend she is the kind of person to share a snap on Instagram. Looks like Lisa Boothe is single!

Who are Lisa Boothe’s Parents? Know more about her Family

Boothe is a self-proclaimed Daddy’s girl and sees her mother as an inspiration she wishes to live up to.

Lisa with her father Dr. Dave Menke:


Father and daughter date! Love my Daddy and the @washingtoncaps. #gocapsgo #gocaps #capskings

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Lisa with her mother:


Happy Mother's Day to my sweet, sweet momma. If you want to witness unconditional love and complete and utter selflessness all you have to do is meet my mother. She has raised four kids and even though we tested her, especially me, she has loved us endlessly. When my uncle was dying of cancer she drove him two and a half hours to Charlottesville throughout the week for cancer treatment and brought him home to live with her and my Dad. As my grandfather suffers through dementia, my mom is not only there taking care of him but has taken my mentally handicapped aunt home to live with her and my Dad. She loves our family, she has joy in her heart, and she loves God. If I am even a fraction of the mother she is one day I will be doing just fine.

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Boothe's lover for her parents can be seen through her Instagram posts. It is lovely to see such a grounded yet independent and strong woman in media. 

In each and every interview, Boothe says her family is everything for her and she is truly blessed to have such a loving and strong family. Her parents raised her with her three brothers with proper care and love. Her family has expanded in the past few years with the addition of her sister-in-law and her fur baby Bella.

She likes to walk on the beach. She enjoys the sand in between toes and the waves crashing that brings a sense of peace and freedom. Each year, she and her mother go a weekend trip to Annapolis Beach Maryland.

What about Lisa Boothe's Political Views?

She supports the current controversial Trump administration. Lisa is pretty open about her support for right-wing or the conservative side. She has mentioned her political opinions out loud a number of times. pm PST

She received the political bug from her father- a former Capitol Hill political correspondent. She grew up discussing politics with him. Her father is her mentor and sparring partner. She often says she is the product of her parents’ unconditional love, encouragement and independent thinking.

What are Boothe's major Achievements in her professional life?

From a cute softball player to a powerhouse commentator and strategist, Lisa has come a long way. She currently works as a network contributor for FNC. Here are her five facts you should know.

Lisa provides commentary and political analysis over FNC’s primetime and daytime programming. She joined the network in 2016. She earns a huge amount of money from her journalism career.

She has openly called the former president of the United States, Barack Obama a coward, called out Beyonce for pushing ''false narrative'' of racial bias in police shootings. She recently took a stand in favor of Kellyanne Conway over NBC's SNL skit on the counselor to President Trump. She called the skit ''sexist'' in a tweet.

.@nbcsnl skit about @KellyannePolls is sexist and disgusting. Shame on them. They crossed a line.

— Lisa Boothe (@LisaMarieBoothe) February 12, 2017

Apart from her role for FNC, Boothe has her own entrepreneurial standing as the president and founder of High Noon Strategies. It is a public affairs and political communications firm.

Boothe replaced FNC anchor Fox News Specialist's host Eric Bolling in August 2017 after he was suspended from the network due to accused of sexual hara s sment. Upon his departure from FNC in September, Fox News canceled the program. 


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