How old is Republican strategist Lisa Boothe? Is she married? Find out more about her relationships

News by Clarence Published on 18 Nov,2016 Updated on 16 Dec,2018

Lisa Boothe is a Republican strategist and political commentator who regularly features on Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN. She has extensive experience in political communications, working with Fortune 500 companies, and navigating crisis situations. She currently serves as a political contributor for the Fox News Channel. 

Do this beautiful journalist married or in a relationship with someone? Let's find out here along with her age!!

Is Republican Strategist Lisa Boothe Married? 

Lisa Boothe is an unmarried woman. She is a stunning personality with appealing body figures. You’d be surprised that she is not involved in any romantical affairs as of now. 

CAPTION: Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe SOURCE: Fox News Insider

But, in May 2014, she posted a picture on her Instagram with her pet captioning ‘'New ‘Boyfriend. He’s a little short though''.

But, she posted a picture with her pet Bella. She called Bella as her boyfriend that shows that how much she cares and adores him.



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However, some online sources claim that she is in a relationship with a guy named John Bourbonia Cummins. These site claims this news on the bases of one Facebook post on May 15, 2015, on which she replied on his comment on her post and said ‘’Love you. Mean it’’. Here is the snap of that post you can see.

SOURCE: Facebook

But, when we check her Facebook post, we can’t find that news it seems that Facebook was not her official account. We also dig more about that guy’s profile but could not find strong evidence to prove him as her boyfriend. She is pretty active on Instagram and Twitter, but she has never mentioned her love affairs and dating history.  As of Dec 2018, her Instagram account boosted over 67.9K followers. 

What is Lisa Boothe's Age?

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe’s age also headlines in these days. Some online sources claim that she is 40-year-old and her birth month is October. But, her actual age is 33. She turned 33-year-old in February 2018 and her actual date of birth is 3 February 1985.

Boothe grew up in the Washington D.C. area with three brothers and played field hockey and lacrosse in high school, even winning two state championship rings, and tearing her anterior cruciate ligament while playing. Her maternal grandfather name was Carl Wilkinson, who died in 2016. Her father spent nearly a decade working as an aide to a senator at Capitol. 

The popular media personality graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville where she obtained a degree in political science and development. Her 

On her 33rd birthday, Boothe posted a picture of her birthday celebration captioning that she turned 33. She shared this picture via her Instagram with her followers and well-wishers. She owns Cavalier King Charles named Bella. 

Lisa Boothe's Career

Smart Lisa Boothe's political career began in 2010 as she involved herself in politics. Lisa was on the team too when the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) helped the United States House of Representatives.

Encouraged by that, Congress she started to serve as the spokesperson for Sandy Adamscongressionalelection in 2012. Then, she was the frontwoman in the senator race election for Tommy Thompson.

Before launching high Noon Strategies, Boothe was a part of the managerial team of WPA Research where she led the polling efforts for political campaigns across the country. Meanwhile, in the 2014election cycle, Lisa served as the senior director at the Black Rock Group.

Since 2016, she is working for Fox News Channel. She is a frequent co-host on Outnumbered, an occasional panelist on Special Report. She additionally appears as a guest on The Story.

She hosted the Fox News Specialists from August-September 2017 when the host of the show Eric Bolling was suspended from the network after sexual misconduct allegations. The show canceled in September 2017 after he was terminated from the network.

She led communications efforts for a Fortune 500 company, Super PACs, with the part of the winning consulting team for the Dan Sullivan for U.S.Senate race. Lisa also spent her time on Capitol Hill developing the communications strategy for important legislative efforts and serving as the spokeswoman.

Her extensive experience in political communications, and working with Fortune 500 companies, and navigating crisis situations helped Boothe to become the Founder and President of High Noon Strategies.