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Dino Guilmette, an accomplished entrepreneur and former boxer, has made a name for himself as the founder of D’Mici Industries LLC. In addition to his success in the business world, he became widely recognized due to his association with Shayanna Jenkins, an Instagram personality, and the former wife of American football player Aaron Hernandez.

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Former Boxer's Early Years

During his years, Dino came into this world on August 11 1978 which means he is currently 42 years old. Hailing from Cranston, Rhode Island, in the United States, Dino proudly holds citizenship and identifies as Caucasian while practicing Christianity.

Dino Guilmette Dino earned an MBA from URI Feinstein; dedicated to finance studies.
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Raised by his parents William Guilmette II and Donna Guilmette, Dino is the child in a family that includes siblings such, as William Guillemette III, Dina Patnaud, Michelle, Tammy, Kathy Guilmette Cipriano, Maria, Debbie Ziadeh and Patti Davis.

Tragically Dino's older brother William Guilmette passed away in 2016. Despite this loss and determined to succeed Dino went on to pursue education. He dedicated himself to studying finance and earned an MBA degree from the University of Rhode Island Feinstein Providence Campus.

Guilmette's Relationship Status

Regarding his love life, Dino Guilmette considers himself heterosexual. He and Shayanna Jenkins first crossed paths when she was trying to rebuild her life in Rhode Island after the passing of Aaron Hernandez in April 2017.

Mr and Ms Guilmette Dino and Shayanna Jenkins met in April 2017.
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In the wake of this event, Shayanna relocated to Rhode Island with her two daughters. It was, during this period that Shayanna and Dino's paths intersected through friends sparking a connection.

Dino And Shayanna's Past Partners

Dino Guilmette and Shayanna Jenkins both had prior relationships before coming together. Dino is a father from his previous partnership. In Shayanna's case, she was romantically involved with Aaron Hernandez, the late American football player, starting their relationship during high school in 2007.

Their relationship endured until Aaron's passing in 2017. Although Shayanna and Aaron were not formally married, she adopted Aaron's last name in 2015, a decision approved by Rhode Island Judge Paula Cuculo. Tragically, Aaron Hernandez took his own life on April 19, 2017.

Former Boxer's Children

Dino and Shayanna Jenkins became parents to their daughter Giselle Guilmette on June 15 2018 marking the time they experienced parenthood together. However, both Dino and Shayanna already had daughters from their relationships.

Dino has a daughter named Mia Guilmette while Shayanna gave birth to her daughter Avielle Hernandez during her relationship, with Aaron Hernandez. Despite the dynamics of their family, Guilmette and Jenkins are committed parents who actively participate in raising their children. They often share moments, from their family life on social media platforms.

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Guilmette's Professional Journey

In terms of his journey, Guilmette is known for his roles as an amateur boxer and an entrepreneur. He has successfully established a business called D’Mici Industries LLC, in Cranston. Alongside his pursuits, he has also dabbled in the modeling industry although there is information available about his work in this field.

While he has gained recognition locally for his accomplishments as a boxer there is no documented evidence of him participating in matches despite actively training at gyms. Notably, he organized boxing matches as part of the Brawl For It All event held in his hometown.

Operating under the ring name Dino 'The Ghost' Guilmette he has garnered attention through his interactions with fellow boxer Louis Savastano. These interactions have occasionally been captured on video showcasing Dino's involvement, in ring activities and training sessions.

Celebrity Husband's Controversies

Guilmette, who is locally known as the 'Big Bully' has had a series of run-ins, with law enforcement throughout his life. His first encounter with the system happened when he was 18 years old leading to his arrest and subsequent one-year prison sentence for assault.

Dino Guilmette Guilmette is locally known as the 'Big Bully'.
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Continuing his history with the law, Guilmette has consistently stayed on the police's radar facing charges related to property damage, fraudulent activities, and various other offenses. In August 2022 he found himself involved in a dispute with the Rhode Island Attorney General's office.

The case implicated him in an alleged drug ring associated with organized crime specifically involving involvement, in cocaine distribution and smuggling.

Dino's Physical Appearance

Dino, the individual has an authoritative stature standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (60 inches) and weighing around 70 kg (154 lbs). His appearance exudes masculinity, with body measurements of 42-34-37.

Having a sturdy build Dino is accompanied by skin-captivating black eyes and stylish dark brown hair. His physical presence showcases a blend of strength and grace that adds to his allure. With a physique like his, Dino Guilmette not only leaves a mark in the boxing ring but also stands out as a unique figure, in various aspects of his life.

Former Boxer's Net Worth

Guilmette has built a worth of around $400,000 through his successful career, as an entrepreneur as well as his previous involvement in boxing and modeling. His financial achievements are evident in his ownership of a house in Cranston along with some properties.

Guilmette is often spotted driving a Cadillac Escalade, a luxury vehicle valued at over $50,000. He leads a lifestyle enjoying visits, to destinations and indulging in fine dining experiences.

These aspects of his life are prominently featured on his Instagram account. In comparison, Aaron Hernandez, the football player who was connected to Guilmette's wife Shayanna Jenkins had a worth of $50,000 at the time of his passing.

Social Media Presence

Dino Guilmette is quite active, on social media platforms sharing glimpses into both his professional life. This sets him apart from celebrities who tend to keep a more private profile.

One of the platforms he uses actively is Instagram, where he goes by the username @djg53197. He has managed to gather a following of more than 8.3 thousand users on this platform. In comparison, his wife Shayanna Jenkins has a larger following with over 237 thousand followers, on her Instagram account.

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