Diego Benaglio and his Spouse Nadin Benaglio

Diego Orlando Benaglio aka Diego Benaglio is a Swiss goalkeeper who plays for the VFL Wolfsburg in Bundesliga and in Swiss National Team wearing jersey number 1. He is one of the successful goalkeepers in German Bundesliga. Diego is a popular football professional having lots of media followings. It is obvious to have the sharp speculation to any information found for a popular personality. Diego is a married man. He is no more available. He is married to Nadin Benaglio. Nadin is a simple ordinary girl who won the heart of Diego. She is a beautiful woman with pleasant looks. She has got beautiful blonde hair and pretty big eyes. She loves Diego and takes care of him. Diego had met Nadin when he was 16 years old. They made their marital vows in the late of 2009. There is no exact information where the wedding had taken place. Since Nadin does not like media attention and her private life being public, she has maintained low profile on her and many things related to her as far as possible.

Diego and Nadin are the proud parents of two adorable children. The couple has a daughter as their first born named Melija who was born in the year 2010.The couple had tried to keep the pregnancy for quiet long as far as possible but discovered when Nadin was 7 months pregnant. Melija is now 3 years old. To add to their happiness, Nadin became pregnant for the second time. Thus, Melija has a younger sister sibling now who was born in 2014 in the early hours of Monday Morning named Nala. Diego Benaglio is very happy on arrival of his babies. He has tattooed their names in his body. Diego loves his wife and his children very much. Diego, Nadin, Melija and Nala are living happily together.

There is not much information about Nadin Benaglio except the fact she is Diego’s spouse but there are lots of her pictures with Diego Benaglio in the internet. 


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Diego Orlando Benaglio is a Swiss footballer who is playing in the Current Team of Vfl Wolfsburg in ....