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Devin Maurer, a London-based feature and commercial editor, is known for his work in the movie “Stolen.” He is a hard working person who is active in the entertainment world. Though Devin Maurer is not a popular name in the entertainment world, he has established his presence and searching for opportunities to prove that he is not less than other renowned ones.

Early Life

Devin Maurer was born on January 6, 1977, in Richmond, Virginia, United States to parents Don Maurer and Michele LeFevre. He has a sibling who a popular American actor is named John Lucas. Devin was born and raised in Richmond and has completed his early education in his hometown. He has graduated in Bachelor of Science in Forestry and Resource Management from UC Berkeley in 2000.


Devin Maurer started his editing career in his hometown where he and his friends started to make a series of renegade fly fishing doc u mentaries. After being graduated, Devin and his friends started a band “The Fifth String Amendment” which won two ABMA Song of the Year. Devin got his first break as a PA for David Gordon Greene’s ‘Undertow”. He has shot and edited a number of doc u mentaries and projects.

Devin Maurer also produced a movie called “Stolen” in 2010 along with his brother Josh Lucas and others. The movie is based on Thriller and prolongs for 1 hour and 32 minutes. It has the IMDb rating of 6.1.

He is getting busy and has an increasing demand in the industry, therefore it seems, he is paid a very handsome salary. Though his current net worth is not known but should be high in $million.

Personal Life

Moving on to the personal life of Devin Maurer, it is not known whether he is married or not. There is a speculation on his sexuality as well if he is straight or a gay. Having been a secretive person, he has not given any of his personal affairs to be out to the public and every answer to the curiosities is in shade. Devin is the uncle of Noah Rev Maurer, son of his brother Josh Lucas. Devin Maurer is very attached to his family and loves them very much.


Devin Maurer is a younger brother of Josh Lucas. He has helped his brother as his brother’s creative partner since 2002. He also played banjo for the alt-bluegra s s band in “The Fifth String Amendment”. He is a founding member of the band.

Online Presence

Devin Maurer is active on Facebook, Instagram and also has his YouTube Channel.  He is rarely on the social sites. There is very less information available on him on the internet. He also lacks Wikipedia and also news on him is very hard to find on the internet. Devin Maurer has his own personal website,

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