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Canadian actor Dean Haglund is a well-known celebrity, known particularly for portraying the role of Richard “Ringo” Langly in the sci-fi television series, The X-Files. This versatile personality, who is also a comedian, was born on the 29th of July, 1965 and due to his acting credits, curious people tend to search the details related to his bio and career on several sites like the wiki.

Dean was born in Oakbank, Manitoba, Canada to a structural engineer who invented the Chill Pak, a commercial external cooling product that can be sued for laptops. He started his professional career by hosting the Ghost Adventures Live on the Travel Channel and appeared also on an episode of Bones. He specializes in comedy in improvisational comedy and worked formerly with the Vancouver TheatreSports League. He has also been known to have portrayed the role of Sid in Tom Sawyer and Langley in the spin off named The Lone Gunmen. He also appears on doc u mentary style production of From Here to Andromedia.

Other endeavors of Haglund include appearing as a host in Chillpak Hollywood Hour podcast. He also hosts episodes in the YOUTOO television channel and was also on the advisory board of Sci-Fest. Dean has also had several endeavors in the comedic fraternity and for his appearances and role in the arena; he has been liked and respected by fans all over the world. His professional credits have been limited and varied but the appearances that he has given on screen have been liked by people all around. His most notable role has been his portrayal of Richard Langley on The X Files, a role which has earned him widespread critical acclaim.

The personal life and its details of this hugely celebrated actor have been well hidden from fans and critics around the world. He has never been known to have dated anyone from the acting fraternity. He however is known to have a girlfriend. He has been in a long time affair since a long time and the couple has been together until now. He lives with his girlfriend in Australia and he lives with his two dogs. The couple moved off to Australia and due to this reason Haglund was almost removed from the cast of The X-Files. Apart from this, it has been known he has never been married and hence does not have a spouse. He also does not have any children and is certainly not in a hurry to have any, anytime soon.

Haglund has a height of 6 feet and must certainly be earning a huge salary owing to his acting credits. His net worth and actual salary has not however been known. It can be said that the hugely talented actor must certainly be earning a lot.

by Bchrome, 15 Mar, 2016

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