David Vaughn III

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David Vaughn III was born on 23rd March 1973 in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he spent most of his childhood days playing basketball.

David went on to attend Whites Creek High School located in Whites Creek, Tennessee. He extensively played basketball while in Tennessee and pursued the interest in Memphis University in 1991. In 1995, Vaughn announced that he was ready to be drafted in the 1995 NBA draft. Thus he was selected in the first round as the 25th pick by the Orlando Magic. Thus he began playing his pro career from 1995 as a Power forward for Orlando Magic. He played for the Magic till 1997 after which he went on to play for Golden State Warriors. He played till 1998 for the Warriors and then went on to play for Chicago Bulls. Daviv was then waived off by the Bulls and thus went on to play for New Jersey Nets. David was sson enough waived off by the Nets. He then went on to play for Greece’s Near East in 1998. But he was weaived off in 1999. He then returned to play with New Jersey Nets. In the same year, David went on to play for Spain’s Cantabria Lobos and then in 2000 he went on play for Greece’s Near East again. Then in 2001, David went on to play for Viota Reggio Calabria and then in 2002 he played for Greece’s G.S. Olympia Larissa . In 2003 he was waived off by the Larissa which also marked the end of David’s basketball career. While in the NBA , David played 4 seasons from 1995 to 1999 which included 118 games . According to his NBA statistics, David went on to score 341 points that averaged to 2.9 points per game. David averaged 3.1 rebounds per game.

Vaughn is currently residing in southwest Orlando, Florida alsong with his wife and two children. After being retired from NBA, David hit hard in terms of financial status. David had bought extravagant land and cars from his NBA money and later he had only little saving left. So later he had to do small blue-collar jobs. He was laid off from his job as a furniture delivery man and thus he began using drugs and was eventually drifted apart from his wife and kids. The media was shocked to see David as a homeless man who almost died from the infection caused by multiple spider bites on his foot. So while in the hospital he reconciled with his wife . Few of David’s friends saw the article based on his degraded condition and decided to organize a fund raiser for him. Vaugh began collecting unemployment benefits to support his family. He also talked about returning to school through Larry Finch Scholarship Fund inorder to finish his degree.

David is currently 42 years old, weighs 109 kgs and stands tall at the height of 6 feet 9 inches. David was named USA Today’s All-USA First Team selection in High School. 

by sanjeet, 13 Jun, 2015

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