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David Choi was born in March 22, 1986. David is 29 years old in his age and his birth place is Anaheim, California of United States. The place of origin of David is Garden Grove, California of United States and his genres is rock and pop rock. From the year 2002 till the present time he is working into the music industry and renowned as singer & songwriter all because of his pa s sion to become a musician. His label is unsigned and he belongs from Korean descent. His family background itself is of musician belonging and the name of his father and mother is Jane Choi and Ray Choi. These families have their very own musical store and its name is “Grace Store”. Professionally, David father is also an autoharp player and his mother was an artist. His musical family did not let him to think any other option beside music therefore he thought with his focus establishing himself into the music industry.

David used to play violin as well as piano from the very early days but he did not enjoy to its playing. David started his early career in the year 2002 and during the very time he was into the program called Acid Pro. He also learned by himself about various program and downloading it. Similar to this he also won the grand prize in the year 2004 by participation in the Mashup contest. Similarly with his notably “Love” and “Only You” in the year 2007-08 made him to each on the top of the town.

David Choi is very reserve kind of person and he himself is not a gay at all. Still, there is no any concrete information about his affair and this 29 years old handsome hunk is also a s sumed of not being married dictating any spouse. David seems totally pa s sionate with music and looking his bio most of his information are related with his career. He is very busy with his schedule therefore, he declared that he have no any time for the day of his affair. David is also very cleaver person by his nature and he loves travelling a lot. David is also a good dancer but this is limited among the small circle of people. He loves maintaining his privacy regarding his personal matters and the reason behind this him has not declared publicly across. David loves travelling a lot and spends most of his time with his family. 

David seems tall with his height on reviewing his pictures. Similarly, he is the regular visitor of the fitness center near to his residence. Additionally David with the bio of his salary seems absolute sum of salary and his actual net worth is also an amazing sum of amount. David earning from his career as a salary is around 2 million American dollars. 

by Bchrome, 19 Feb, 2016

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