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David Bryan known with his birth name as David Bryan Rashbaum was born in February 7, 1982 who is now 53 years old by his age. By the profession of Bryan he is a Keyboard player and engaged within the popular band of America named as Bon Jovi. Jovi was born in Perth Amboy and his genres are rock, hard rock as well as basically heavy metal. Occupationally he is also playing with his instruments like piano as well as keyboard being as a musician. Similarly, Eddie Rashbaum is his father who also played the trumpet during his very early times. Bryan was belonging from Jewish community and his father encouraged him to become a musician within his life.

David joined to the Clara Barton for his elementary schooling and during his very schooling he used to play drums and keyboards within the school performances. During the early age of 7 he learned to play piano and he also joined to Rutgers University but unfortunately due to his personal reason he drop the University and later on he joined towards the Juilliard for his for his further schooling. Later on joining Jon Bon Jovi he was more interested on learning music and identified himself recognizing as a musician.

With his school love with whom David was within the learn term affair he finally got married with in August 25, 1990. The name of his spouse was April McLean and they were going through with happy married life. From the school time only they were spotted each other in the college sessions together and many of his friends also congratulated them of their affair because they were very open regarding their affair. From the time they got married they never found themselves satisfied with their married life. This led them to end their married life and started recognizing each other as their spouse. Later on in the year 2004 they officially and legally got divorce from each other. David is the father of his 3 children among them Gabrille Luna and Colton Moon are twins who were born in March 10, 1994. Similarly another child Tyger Lily was born in April 29, 2000. After some of the gap that ended with divorce, he again got married with Lexi Quaas who was his partner previously and they got married in August 7, 2010. Till now it seems these couples are happy with their married life together. 

David is with his height 6 feet tall in his height and his weight seems lost more than the previous years. Also he is dictated with his nickname as Dave as well as David. The handsome salary looking his bio all because of his career made him successful to collect the net worth which is amounted to be around 85 million American dollars in the year 2015.

by Bchrome, 07 Feb, 2016

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