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Sixty-three years old, Dave Schwartz worked as a meteorologist at The Weather Channel from 1991 to 2008. He served as a case manager for developmentally delayed persons and advocating for their needs through communication with clients and other agencies. He also gained name and fame as a weather broadcaster.

Dave Schwartz had been communicating weather information to clients via television, radio, and online media. He was born on February 20, 1953, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Unfortunately, he died on July 30, 2016, in Atlanta after a battle with cancer.

Dave Schwartz died following a long public battle with cancer. After fending off pancreatic the longtime weatherman diagnosed again in 2015 this time with stomach cancer. 

Early life and Education

Dave Schwartz spent most of his childhood in Philadelphia. He completed high school education in his hometown.  At the early age, he used to spend hours and hours watching the sky and watching the weather channel. At this time, he made a weather forecasting kit by using radio which his father brought him. Dave graduated with BA in psychology from Temple University in 1977.

Dave Schwartz worked for a private psychiatric and spent many hours in the lab. He was later transferred to Mississippi State University in 2000 where he studied three-year certification program in broadcast meteorology. His University study enriched his knowledge base of not only meteorology, however, also geography, climatology, geology, and hydrology

Professional Career

Dave Schwartz joined The Weather Channel in March 1985 and began working at Meteorology Department of the channel. There, he worked for more than six years and learned the operation from the ground to up. During his tenure, he got an opportunity to learn from finest forecasters and broadcaster in the industry which helped him to expand border of his knowledge.

Dave Schwartz was a s sociated with The Weather Channel as an On-camera Meteorologist from June 1991 to November 2008. He had been serving Macy’s as a salesperson, communicating with clients to ascertain their needs since 2009.

Dave Schwartz started serving in Orange County Post Sentinel as a weather columnist. After that, he was able to present the summer piece in a very interesting way by using a weather-related term like cloud nine and India summer. Dave discussed on current weather pattern and presented a folksy approach to the forecast for the upcoming week in his writing.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Dave Schwartz holds an American nationality and his ethnicity is white.

Net worth, Salary, and Body measurement

Dave Schwartz has net worth expected to be million. He was tall with the height nearly 6 ft. and had slim body figure.

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