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Dave Days was born with his birth name as David Joseph Colditz. This 24 years old boy was born in August 13, 1991 and his birth place of origin is Downingtown, Pennsylvania and his genres are pop punk and comedy. Looking to the active years of Dave within the music industry from the year 2007 he is active and sincere along with being a popular YouTube personality as well as a successful entertainer. Currently he moved to Los Angeles and his Pop-Punk covers are hitting the attention of many numbers of people all across the town. Dave father was also a musician during his early days and his mother was a former model during her time. Dave belongs from American nationality with White ethnic background.

Dave joined primarily for his schooling within Downingtown high school for his primary phase of education and he also learned much of the information about the video production and using of audio from his very early time. Additionally he also released Chocolate Rain that was his very first debut which gave him to enter into the music industry from his better future. Similarly, from the year 2008 till 2010 there were the number of songs and videos that got published which dragged the attention of the people in higher range.

Dave is very punctual in his nature. He loves doing his works within the perfectly measured time with no any lengthiness. This is also the reason of him getting attached among his people and he completes his tasks properly within the estimated time. Dave is very sincere kind of person and looking the bio of Dave besides his career there is no any adequate information that is available regarding his affair, married as well as spouse. He has a high distance among his fans sharing about his personal matters as well as his capability and ongoing love circle. It has been a s sumed by the fan that he is not married because he is just 24 years old in his age and still there is about 5-6 years for him to get into the married life. Additionally, he is also stated of having any divorce with his spouse due to the failure of married life. But, the rumor is that he has a high school affair and most of the people also have seen the two among the public places. But Dave is denying mentioning the name of the person and he is very not very easy in sharing about the love circle among the bio within the social sites.

Dave is 5 feet 9 inches tall in his height and his weight along with body measurement is also not properly captured and stated among the media by him. Dave is also because of his career earning the amount with high salary with good net worth. 

by Bchrome, 08 Feb, 2016

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