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Dan Harmon was born in January 3, 1973 and he is running 43 years whose birth place is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of United States and belonging his professional identity he holds as a writer, producer and performer within the industry and he is mostly recognized from his performance undertaken in the popular series named Community. Dan is also the co-creator of the popular series animated which is named as Rick and Morty from where he earned his high fame across. Dan is also engaged within Channel 101 and co-founder over there. Dan father was working as a social worker whereas his mother was a homemaker. He spent his childhood in the wealthy way in his previous times. He was the second child out of 3 children of his parents.

Dan completed his education with the graduation degree from Brown Deer High School which is located within Brown Deer, Wisconsin and for the short duration of time as well he also joined within Glendale Community College for his further study and additionally also became a part of Marquette University with his various small experiences he made his concept to work on the show Community. Dan is also recognized being as a co-creator of popular television named Heat Vision and Jack and from where he started getting many of the opportunities within it.

Dan was previously married with his past time spouse whose name is Erin McGathy whom he had affair for a long duration of time. Along with this their official married life started in the 2014 of November. Since, he proposed his girlfriend Erin McGathy in the end of 2013 after one year they got married after the serious dating but their relationship did not went for a further duration of time which result to divorce their married life after a year. Therefore, in October 2015 they officially got divorce and currently his bio indicated he is dating his girlfriend who is professionally a writer and running her own show named as Cody Heller. Till now there are no any rumors among the couple to get divorce and mention as a spouse but they are claiming near and soon they will be mentioning their good news in short time. Dan is very good singer as well but he never gave any professional dimension into his hobbies. In addition to this Dan is also planning to start his own personal business soon but he has not mentioned what the business will be about.

Dan height and weight is not properly provided however looking to his pictures it can be seen that His weight is more than his height and he is trying to maintain and balance it. Dan is also estimating more salary compared to last year looking to his bio and additionally his net worth is 5 million dollars.

by Bchrome, 31 Mar, 2016

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