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Dallas Yocum is famous as the ex-wife of renowned entrepreneur Mike Lindell, founder, and CEO of 'My Pillow.' They entered into matrimony with Lindell in June 2013 after almost two years of courtship.

Unfortunately, Dallas and Mike's marriage lasted only a month, and they subsequently went their separate ways. The businesswoman found herself in the public eye due to Lindell's controversial stances on conspiracy theories related to the 2020 elections and the COVID-19 virus. Despite the brief union, both parties have moved on with their individual lives.

Early Life

Dallas, born in 1980 in the USA is in her 40s. Despite her public persona, she has chosen not to disclose information about her parents, and her only known sibling is a brother whose name is not revealed. 

Yocum completed her high school education in New York and pursued Business Management at the university level. Unfortunately, details about her birth information, including her zodiac sign, remain undisclosed.

Yocum is known to be private about her personal life, keeping many aspects hidden from the public eye. She adheres to Christian rituals and follows the teachings of the Holy Bible.

Dallas' Leadership at MyPillow's Customer Service Division

Dallas Yocum, the former director of the customer service division at MyPillow, played a significant role in the company founded by her ex-husband, Mike Lindell. Little is known about her background, including her birthplace, family, and early life. Despite the lack of information about her education, Yocum's position at MyPillow reflected her competence.

Dallas Yocum's former husband Mike Lindell is a founder of MyPillow Business. SOURCE: dreshare

MyPillow Inc., established in 2009, specializes in pillows, bedding, and slippers, featuring a patented open-cell poly-foam design invented by Mike Lindell himself. In its early stages, the company faced challenges, with Lindell personally hand-sewing pillows and managing sales and distribution with family assistance.

Over time, MyPillow gained popularity, employing 1,500 staff members and selling over 41 million pillows. The company received both industry accolades and legal challenges, including fines for deceptive promotional activities. The controversies surrounding MyPillow involve unverified claims about the pillow's effectiveness in solving sleep-related issues.

What Is Dallas Yocum's Net Worth?

As of now, Dallas Yocum's net worth is estimated at around $450 thousand, providing her the means to lead a successful life on her own terms. Presently, she is dedicating her focus to her career, relishing her independence.

Mike Lindell, the Chief Executive Officer of My Pillow, currently boasts a net worth of $40 million, with an annual income of $7 million. Notably, he started his career in carpet cleaning and lawn mowing before venturing into the successful business of My Pillow.

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Who Is Dallas Yocum's Husband?

Dallas and Mike's whirlwind romance began in 2011, leading to a marriage in June 2013. Despite a notable age difference of almost two decades, their relationship garnered relatively little public scrutiny, given Yocum's autonomy in her 30s. The couple thrived, cohabiting in Lindell's Minnesota home, with Yocum assuming a crucial role as the head of customer service at Lindell's MyPillow Company.

Dallas Yocum and her former ex-husband Mike Lindell posing for a photoshoot. SOURCE: Bollywood Fever

Lindell, expressing his commitment, enlisted Yocum's assistance in completing his autobiography and even had plans to promote her to Vice President of Compliance at MyPillow. In a gesture of love, Lindell extended employment opportunities to Yocum's relatives within his company.

Dallas and Mike's romance culminated in a grand wedding ceremony at Oaks Ridge Hotel and Conference Center in June 2013, attended by approximately 300 guests, garnering coverage in local newspapers. However, despite the initial promise, their marriage proved short-lived, marking a contrast to the earlier optimism surrounding their union.

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Dallas Yocum's Had A Short-Lived Marriage

Dallas Yocum and Mike Lindell's marriage, which commenced with a lavish ceremony, quickly unraveled, lasting only a month before their separation in July 2013. The troubles surfaced almost immediately, with Yocum leaving their home shortly after the wedding, returning only to repeat the pattern weeks later. Despite Lindell's attempts to reconcile, communication breakdowns persisted.

Dallas Yocum's former spouse Mike Lindell posing with his kids.  SOURCE: newsunzip

In a decisive conversation, Yocum confessed to finding Lindell boring, expressing a lack of common ground and declaring that she had never loved him. Accusing Lindell of ruining the past two years of her life, Yocum marked a definitive end to their relationship. The subsequent divorce proceedings, finalized in July, were notably amicable, facilitated by a prenuptial agreement that spared them a contentious financial dispute.

Yocum departed with her wedding ring, leaving Lindell somewhat perturbed by the loss of the expensive jewelry. Lindell, blindsided by the turn of events, later revealed that signs of Yocum's wavering commitment had been present before the marriage, despite his initial excitement. While devastated, Lindell leaned on his Christian faith to navigate through the disappointment, highlighting the contrast in their expectations revealed during media rounds and on the wedding day.

Past Relationships Of Dallas Yocum

After the brief marriage between Dallas and Mike, she has largely stayed out of the spotlight. This marriage was not Yocum's first, as she had reportedly been married about four times before, with children and stepchildren from her previous unions. Two of her children and a stepson were even employed by Lindell's company during their relationship.

In contrast, Mike Lindell, having been married twice, first to Karen Dickey for 20 years, faced challenges due to struggles with cocaine addiction, leading to the breakdown of his first marriage. The addiction caused family dysfunction, and Lindell's journey to recovery was prompted by his youngest children choosing not to live with him. Following his divorce from Yocum, Lindell entered a relationship with Kendra Reeves in 2014. She reportedly played a role in his spiritual journey. The current status of their relationship remains unclear.



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