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Crystal Maurisa Goins rose to fame as the wife of Glenn Thomas Jacobs, a WWE superstar and the Mayor of Knox County known professionally as "Kane." Crystal has been a partner, to Glenn. Has played an integral role in their marriage.

In this captivating exploration of Kane's spouse, we delve into their love story and uncover the intriguing life they lead together.

Crystal's Early Years

Crystal, born in 1960 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA has always called the city her home. Like Cylk Cozart she attended Elizabeth High School. Went on to pursue higher education at East Tennessee State University with a major, in psychology.

Goins's academic journey led her to graduate with a psychology major and then pursue a master's degree in the field. Crystal's educational background is impressive.

As, for Crystal's parents, they have intentionally maintained a profile and prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Consequently, their identities remain undisclosed.

Goins's Married Life

After being married for thirty years, WWE superstar Kane and Crystal Goins began their journey together when they were introduced by a mutual friend. The couple connected instantly leading to dating and eventually exchanging vows on August 23, 1995.

Crystal Maurisa Goins with her husband and their children. Crystal Maurisa Goins with her husband and their children.
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Throughout the ups and downs of their marriage, their love has remained strong. It's interesting to note that Crystal is seven years older than her husband Jacobs. The age difference has never been a challenge in their relationship.

Kane's wife has always been his source of support showing loyalty and steadfastness right, from the start. The WWE superstar often shares glimpses of his wife on his Instagram account.

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Maurisa's Children

WWE superstar Kane doesn't have any children, with his wife Crystal Maurisa Goins. However, Crystal has two daughters named Arista and Devan from her previous marriage.

Crystal Maurisa Goins with her husband and children. Crystal has two daughters from her previous marriage.
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The details about Goins's ex-husband are undisclosed as she prefers to keep her marriage private. Despite not having their children Crystal and Glenn have a strong bond in their marriage. What's interesting is that Crystal happily embraces the role of being a grandmother.

Arista Crystal's daughter from her marriage has given her the joy of being a grandmother to a granddaughter and grandson. Although we don't know much, about Crystal's partner it's evident that she finds happiness and fulfillment in her life as a supportive wife and doting grandmother.

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Crystal's Interests And Hobbies

Maurisa, Kane's wife has recently developed a fascination and skill, in the field of design and décor. Showcasing her expertise she started sharing tips for enhancing homes on Twitter, which quickly garnered attention.

Goins has demonstrated her knack for turning living spaces into environments. Her newfound passion for design highlights her abilities beyond being Kane's supportive partner establishing her as a prominent figure, in the world of home aesthetics.

Goins's Professional Journey

Crystal began her journey, at East Tennessee State University, where she initially worked as a Counselor. She dedicated herself to this role until 2013. On with her husband Glenn, she co-founded 'The Jacobs Agency Allstate Insurance.'

This company is well known for its insurance services covering automobiles, homes, life insurance, and various commercial aspects. What sets them apart is their retirement plans for their clients. Apart from her involvement in the insurance sector Crystal has actively contributed to governmental organizations.

In addition to her commitments, Crystal has played a role in rescuing and protecting numerous animals within her community. Her diverse career reflects her dedication, to both excellence and compassionate community service making her a versatile and committed individual.

Maurisa's Physical Appearances

Goins stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is 167 cm while her husband Glenn impressively towers over her at 7 feet (equivalent, to 213 cm). Despite their height difference, the couple presents a balanced image together. Crystal, with her hair and stunning blue eyes, only adds to their captivating presence.

Beyond their contrasts, their relationship showcases a bond that surpasses any differences they may have. This makes them an appealing and complementary couple who are admired not just for their qualities but, for their combined charm.

Celebrity Wife's Net Worth

Maurisa is a co-manager, at The Jacobs Agency Allstate Insurance alongside her husband, Kane. Before entering the insurance industry she worked as a counselor at her alma mater East Tennessee State University. Crystal's net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Apart from her earnings Goins also benefits from the fortune of her husband, Glenn Thomas Jacobs which amounts to $9 million. The couple enjoys a lifestyle in a 6,924-square-foot home located on a vast 78-acre property in Knoxville.

Their property boasts amenities such as Koi Lake. Secluded woods with trails for outdoor activities, like trekking, four-wheeling, and horseback riding. Additionally, they have a 2400-square-foot carport that doubles as their gym.

Goins's Social Media Presence

Crystal has established a presence, in media attracting a significant number of followers across various platforms. Her Twitter account in particular serves as a hub where she shares insights on how to enhance home aesthetics showcasing her passion for interior design and decoration.

By engaging with her fans Crystal provides tips and tricks to make homes more visually appealing. Her online persona not only reflects her interest, in interior design but also demonstrates her ability to connect with her audience and offer valuable advice. As a result, she has gained popularity on Twitter.

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