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Corey Holcomb was born on June 23, 1968, born in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Holcomb was raised in Chicago by his parents. According to Holcomb's nationality, he is an American. Holcomb's ethnicity is African American. Holcomb's star sign is cancer. And there has been no any updates about Holcomb's siblings.

Corey Holcomb's academic history and qualification have not been revealed yet. Holcomb with the interest in comedy he used to participate in several plays and dramas before he got a breakthrough. Later Holcomb with the help of help of another Chicago area comedian, Godfrey he started comedy as his career.

Corey Holcomb featured on The Jerry Springer Show, where he worked along with fellow comedian DeRay Davis. Holcomb has also been part of known comedy shows like Corey Holcomb: Your Way Ain't Working, Comedy Central Presents: Corey Holcomb and The Problem Is You.

Corey Holcomb made his movie debut from American comedy film Like Mike in 2002. Later in 2003, he was featured in an American movie The Watermelon Heist. Holcomb in 2009 got a chance to be featured in the role of Sugar Bear Henchman in an American parody comedy movie Dance Flick. Holcomb has also made his remarkable acting presence in romantic comedy film Think Like a Man Too and comedy film The Wedding Ringer.

Corey Holcomb has also made his remarkable appearances in several TV shows and television series as an actor. Starting from 2003 he appeared in an American sitcom Half & Half. His other major television appearance includes Everybody Hates Chris, The Cleveland Show, and Black Jesus. Holcomb has been active in an American sketch comedy and improv television series Wild n' Out since 2005 and has appeared in several episodes in a Regular Cast Member.

Corey Holcomb is a popular American celebrity and with a charming personality. His current relational status is married and he is married to Maya Holcomb. Holcomb's sexual orientation is a s sumed to be straight. Holcomb currently lives in Chicago along with his wife and his family. And he keeps his interest in sports and music.

Corey Holcomb was married to his current wife Maya Holcomb after few years of dating. Holcomb is very decent man and it seems that he is very loyal and faithful in his relationship with his wife. There has been no any updated regarding his children and also he seems that he is a character who wishes to keep their relational status to themselves. Holcomb is very happy with his relationship and he has no any extra affairs. 

Corey Holcomb's net worth is around two million dollars. Corey's all information regarding his bio, career and his personal life has been updated in a wiki and several other websites. Holcomb's hilarious comedy videos have also been uploaded to YouTube. 

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