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Connor Franta was born on September 12, 1992 and he is just 23 years of age. This young celebrity was born in Wisconsin, United States and was raised in La Crescent, Minnesota along with his parents and his siblings. Connor was born as the son of father Peter Franta and mother Cheryl Franta. His father is a Physician and his mother is a homemaker. Franta’s ethnicity is white and belongs to American descent. According to his nationality he is American. Franta has two brothers namely, Dustin and Brandon and has only one sister named Nicola.

Connor Franta attended St. Peter's Catholic School, Hokah. Connor later joined La Crescent High School and in 2011 he graduated from the same college.

Franta started his YouTube career on August 2011, with the inspiration from the Shane Dawson and Mitchell Davis. Later in 2012, he joined a collaboration channel known as Our2ndLife along with the partners Sam Pottorff, Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillon, Justin "JC" Caylen and Trevor Moran. But in 2014, he leaved the group due to his personal reasons.

In 2014, for his popular work he was also nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the "Entertainer of the Year" category. Same year he was also nominated for the Streamy Award. He has been very popular and he over 4.9 million subscribers and has more than 270 million views on his channel.

Franta as an entrepreneur has released a compilation album, Crown, Vol. 1, of songs. Later Franta released his second compilation on March 3, 2015.Conor has also be active in writing, he released his memoir, A Work in Progress on April 21, 2015 which included talks about moments from his life since birth and personal stories. 

Connor Franta is very good looking guys with versatile talents in several fields. His current relational status is supposed to be single but it is not confirmed that Franta might not be dating nor having an affair.

According to his sexual orientation he is gay, that fact came out from his YouTube video which was uploading on December 8, 2014. And in the response of the fact about him he told the media that he happy with that person. Franta also spoke in the internet and encouraged the people struggling with their sexuality. Connor is not married yet, and his fans are eager to known who will be his spouse or future partner. From religious point of view Connor is Roman Catholic. And Franta currently lives in United States along with his family. 

Connor Franta’s net worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars, which also shows his popularity even at the small age of 22. Connor’s height is 5 feet and 9 inches, which is around 1.75 m. Franta has huge fan following in especially in YouTube and other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

by sanjeet, 09 May, 2016

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