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Colin Alexander Cunningham, an American actor, was born on 20th August 1966 in Los Angeles, California. He is notable for his role in ‘Falling Skies’, a post-apocalyptic science fiction TV series, where he plays a character named John Pope, a leader of one of the gangs in the world of Falling Skies.

Apart from being a successful actor, Colin Cunningham is also a professional saxophone player as well as a guitarist and songwriter. His mother Kay Cunningham, his father Willie John Hanna and his older sister Rainy Dan Lorell all appeared in his film “Zacharia Farted”, while his younger brother Ron Cunningham contributed to its soundtrack.


Colin Cunningham traveled extensively in his late teens while trying to figure out what to do with his life. After being dared by a friend, he took to the stage for the first time. He gained critical praise in the early 1990s as an accomplished theater actor. In 1993, he packed up his car and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to pursue his acting career. He attended Vancouver Film School to get started and later ended up starting his own production company and making a movie.


While his biggest role on set is perhaps in “Falling Skies”, Colin Cunningham has appeared in many other films and TV series. As an actor who performs both on theaters and films, Colin definitely enjoys the latter more. In 1994, he got his first role in a TV show called “For the Love of Nancy” and then in “The Commish” and “The Marshall” in 1995.

In the same year, Colin Cunningham also played in the movie “Hard Evidence” as well as had recurring roles in “The X-Files”. In 1996, he appeared in three TV series, “Robin of Locksley”, “The Outer Limits” and “Captain Courageous”. After that, in 1997, he appeared in “Volcano: Fire on the Mountain”, “Dead Fire” and “Dead Man’s Gun” among others.


In 1998, Colin Cunningham wrote, produced and starred in his own film “Zacharia Farted”. The movie received Audience Favorite Awards in 3 out of the 7 festivals throughout Canada, the US and Europe. Since then, he has appeared in numerous movies, some of the most notables being “The Silencer”, “Best in Show”, “the 6th Day”, “Antitrust”, “Stealing Sinatra”, “The Entrance”, “Centigrade”, “Breakfast with Scot” and “Afghan Luke” among others.


Colin Cunningham is also a well-known face on several TV shows including “The X-Files”, “Stargate SG-1” as Major Paul Davis, “Da Vinci Inquest” as Det. Brian Curtis, “The Collector”, “Living in your car”, and “Falling Skies” as John Pope. Apart from these, he has also appeared in “The Sentinel”, ”Viper”, “The Net”, “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven”, “Beggars and Choosers”, “Cold Squad”, “CSI: Miami”, “Da Vinci’s City Hall”, “Flashpoint” and many more.

More information about his personal life like A wife, children, marriage, etc can be found in his bio and social media sites like Wikipedia, IMDb, and Facebook. Colin is 5’11” (1.8m) tall. His net worth and salary ARE definitely in thousands.

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