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Colette Butler was conceived on June 29, 1982. She also called as "Katilette" and "MommyTard", she is a wife of Shay Carl Butler who is an American vlogger and a YouTube personality. She is an internet sensation who belongs to a shaytards family. She has been married to Shay since 2003.

She is also a housewife with her five beautiful children Gavin, Avia, Emmi, Brock, and Daxton. Colette is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, like her better half Shay. She was first regrettably known as Shay's "hotter than expected" spouse as Shay would say, however, turned out to be better familiar to fans as the SHAYTARD's vlogs advanced.

She has a huge family including Adam, her brother, and sister, Candice, her oldest sister, Sadie, and Callie her youngest sister. Colette lost her mom to breast disease when she was young and after some time, her dad remarried a lady named Peggy who had 6 youngsters on her own. Once she personally shared the fact that she has always been itching to be a mother more than anything, and at one time expressed a yearning for five kids.

In mid-2013, she announced she was pregnant with their fifth kid, a third son. Before Shay's YouTube achievement, Colette was an exercise mentor and has always shown enthusiasm in health.As of now, she has been consistently uploading recordings to her own channel, Katilette, and the collaborated channel The Mom's View, and in addition including herself in a significant number of Shay's dramas.

Additionally, being a stunning mother, and actress, Colette is likewise known for her adoration for music, and her wonderful voice. She has communicated that she appreciates music, and can regularly be heard singing to herself, and her children. In 2014, She made a Christmas collection with her family. The collection is titled "Sparrow of the Birch" and contains 11 songs. It was released on November 25, 2014.

There are music videos for the majority of the songs aside from "The First Noel". Half of the recordings can be found on her YouTube Channel, Katilette and the other portion of the videos can be found on Callie's YouTube channel, Callie's Brain Log. She is a nurturing mother, and she demonstrates a high measure of persistence for her children. She is more created than  her energized spouse, Shay Carl.

Besides the greater part of the information about Colette, Colette simply has a colossal, mindful, adoring heart. Furthermore, her adoration for her kids, hubby, companions, fans, and family has inspired and motivated millions around the globe to improve things. She will, and perpetually remains as a rousing mother, pioneer, and stunning individual. For further personal information about her salary, affair, net worth you can subscribe or follow her YouTube channel.

by Bchrome, 06 Jun, 2016

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