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Cole Sprouse was born with his full birth name as Cole Mitchell Sprouse who was born in August 4, 1992. He is a twin of American actor Dylan Thomas Sprouse who is also an actor by his profession. He was born in August 4, 1992 and running 23 years old in his age. Cole took birth in Arezzo, Tuscany Italy and he started his career from 1993 till 2012 and made gap for few years and restarted from 2015 within the current context of time. Cole is often called out together with his brother and linked up together as Sprouse brothers.

Their work is notably credited within Big Daddy and appreciated with their worked collaborated along with Adam Sandler. Cole was even viewed in the character within I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause which is the most remarkable work of him. He was born in local hospital located in his time town and his mother name is Melanie Wright. The name of Cole father is Matthew Sprouse and both of them were teachers a s sociated within English level school named Tuscany. Cole ancestry is mixed up with Danish, English, Scottish and German in descent. Cole completed his early education from Tuscany where their parents were teaching. Along with that their acting journey also got started in the very time. Looking and suggesting the work of their grandmother they got inspired into acting and got motivated to work into it. Their grandmother Jonine Booth Wright was working as an actress and drama teacher by her profession therefore it was not much difficult for them to get a space within the industry.

Cole is very open and flexible in stories of his girlfriends and dating. Currently he is busy in having his amazing time with girlfriend Bree Morgan. But before then this he had a long list of girlfriends whom he had his affair previously. In the year 2009 his affair was linked up with Rosso followed by Sophie Oda in the very time looking through his bio. Along with that Maiara Walsh is also his next girlfriend he made in the very year. The year was also fallen with the name of Katelyn Pippy. Cole also had his love line with Erin Barr for one year duration of time started from 2007 till 2008 similar with Milly Rosso. Though the rumors was also their related with his relationship with Kathleen Herles during the year 2009 he never confessed about his love story clearly among the people. Cole believes his girlfriend now treats him like a family and they are willing to get married after some age.

Cole height is 5 feet 11 and half inches in tall with the net worth of amount 16 million American dollars that was collected by him with amazing amount of salary collaborated in years.

by Bchrome, 16 Apr, 2016

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