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Cody Rhodes was born with her birth name as Cody Garrett Rubio Runnels. Cody was born in Marietta, Georgia of United States and his ring name is dictated as Cody Rhodes. Cody was born in June 30, 1985 and he is 30 years old by his age. Belonging with American nationality he is a professional wrestler by his workings and he is also dictated with his ring name as Stardust. Currently, Cody is living in Lutz, Florida and he is also titled with WWE wrestler Gold rust. His father was a running his personal business and her mother was a helping hand of her mother. Cody was one of the eldest children out of the children of his parents.

Cody completed his high school level of education from La s sister high school. He was very good at his studies and his interest from the very early time was within sports. He was also placed within division on soph 0re within the 6th position with 78 kg. Also later on he also joined Pennsylvania State University to become a wrestle collegiately but later on he changed his mind set and became the professional wrestler. His father also encouraged him to get into Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling promotion that was during the very time of his high school and he was appreciated with his acts that he did during his school times.

The personal life of Cody is very different looking to his progressive bio of career. He is now a happily married man with his spouse named Eden Stiles whom he got married in the year 2013 but before than this they were an amazing couple mentioning as girlfriend and boyfriend. Eden is also working for WWE championship as an announcer within the ring and she is known also with her real name as Brandi Reed. They are a happy couple till now and they have not dictated any mentioning about their children by current time. Cody mentioned that he never had any affair with any girls mentioning as his girlfriend except her spouse. His bio within the popular sites such as Wikipedia and IMDb are missing information about his personal life and interest. His likes and dislikes are not clearly mentioned within the social sites and due to his low conversation within the fans his low profile as dictated is presented within these pages. There is even not any mentioning of data of his past history of divorce among his married life.

Cody is with his height 6 feet 1 inch in tall and his weight is around 103 kg. Cody is now claiming of pure vegetarian and his bio seems much focused in his career that made him to earn with the net worth of amount around thousands of American dollars in current time with the successful range of salary he earned.

by Bchrome, 10 Feb, 2016

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