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Clive Palmer is an Australian businessman and a poet. He is mostly known for his hard work and dedication towards fulfilling his aim. He has holdings of iron, coal, and nickel.

Clive owns Mineralogy at Townsville, Parmer Coolum Resort. He also owns Gold Coast United FC from the year 2008 to 2012.

Early Life and Education

Clive Palmer was born on 26 March 1954 at Footscray Hospital outside of Melbourne, Victoria. He spent his childhood days in the suburb of Williamstown. He is an English by nationality and holds Caucasian Ethnicity, His father George was a successful travel agent so the family traveled the world extensively.

Palmer was raised on the Gold Coast when his family moved towards Queensland. He joined Aquinas College and Southport High School. Later he attended Toowoomba Grammar School for a short period of time.
Clive studied law, journalism, and politics at the University of Queensland but was not able to finish the course. Later he completed a Diploma of Law with the Queensland Bar Board and started working as a clerk for the Public Defender's office.


Clive started his career towards business as he is the owner of Mineralogy company in the remote northern Western Australia. During the year 2008, he bought Waratah coal and during 2009 he bought Queensland Nickel and Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery.

Palmer was appointed secretary-general of the World Leadership Alliance which is a democracy promoting council. He was named the president of the Council. He also founded Football Australia one of the competing organization for the sport of Football in Australia.

In the year 2012, he hosted a buffet lunch for the disadvantaged people which includes the children and unsupportive families after he was appointed as adjunct professor of business at Deakin University. He also donated a house, conservative car and food to the victims in Beenleigh. 

Clive was an instrumental in the split of the South conservatives. Being influenced by Joh Bjelke Peterson he joined the Queensland division of the Nationals during 1974.

Personal Life

Clive Palmer lived in a gated mansion in an exclusive community in the Gold Coast.He was married to his first wife for 22 years. They both have two children together, the son named Michael and a daughter named Emily.
Palmer's first wife, Susan died from cancer and he again married Anna and have two daughters named Mary and Lucy. 

While watching a football game during the year 2009 he was supposed to have a heart attack and was taken to hospital where the doctors dismissed that it is a heart palpitation. He has also suffered from temporary cessation of breathing especially during sleep.

Net Worth

 Clive Palmer is listed as one of the richest people in England as he is the number one famous businessman. His net worth is estimated as $1.4 billion.

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