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Clark Gregg was born with his birth name as Robert Clark Gregg who was born in April 2, 1962. Clark is an American actor who worked into the American film industry from the year 1988 and within the current phase he has been dedicated within the industry. Clark was born in Boston, Ma s sachusetts of United States and he is additionally director as well as screenwriter. His working within Marvel Cinematic Universe is the best working that has been carried out by him as the character of Phil Coulson as presenting himself in the year 2008 in Iron Man. Clark mother name is Mary Layne and his father name is Robert Clark Gregg. His father was occupationally working in Stanford University as a professor and additionally as Episcopal Priest. He spent his early childhood in 7 different cities due to the time and again migration of his parents till he was 17 years old.

As soon as his father started working in Duke University, he was also transferred within Ohio Wesleyan University. After there he again joined Tisch School of the Arts for his education pursue in the subject Drama and English. He completed his graduation degree from there during the year 1986. Gregg also introduced himself as artistic director and he got a s sociated in Atlantic Theater Company as soon as he completed his education. This company was established by him in the year 1983. He also started appearing in high number of roles in the very time some of those are Lovely and amazing and Good Company.

Gregg is a married man and he got married in the year 2001. Gregg got married with his long term affair and the last girlfriend of his life whose name is Jennifer Grey. There were many rumors of divorce among the spouse but Robert claimed that they all are just rumors within it. Jennifer is also professionally working as an actress as her original career. She is engaged within Road to Christmas which comes across in Lifetime TV. Gregg is also father of children and he is totally responsible towards his daughter whose name is Stella who was born in December 3, 2001. Gregg describes himself belonging within Jewish family and he is also a black belt holder within Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Gregg is not involved within any dating story by now and neither had he claimed of being interested within it. He elaborated that his career and personal bio is balanced part of his life.

Gregg height is 5 feet 9 inches in tall and his weight is 79 kg. Gregg has earned 5 million American dollars as his net worth of amount. In addition to this his salary is also estimated per day around $13698, 63 which is double as an income compared to the data in the end of the year 2015.

by Bchrome, 17 Mar, 2016

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