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Clarence Thomas was born in June 23, 1948 running 67 in age. His place of birth is located in Pin Point, Georgia of USA falling within Republican political background. Current he is recognized with his presence in Supreme Court of United States as an Associate Justice. He got preceded by Thurgood Marshall and came across the Nomination from George H. W. Bush. He was even the Judge of US Court of Appeals located in Columbia Circuit. Further, he also worked with the position of chairman within Equal Employment Opportunity Commission starting from May 6, 1982 till March 12, 1990 earning high professional fame. being second out of 3 children of his father M.C Thomas and Leola Williams he spend his childhood not in such a wealthy order as because his father was farm worker and mother was working as a domestic worker being the American slaves during the very time and their family language was Gullah.

Thomas spent his childhood living with his parents and for his study he joined to College of the Holy Cross which was located in Worcester, Ma s sachusetts. Entering in Yale Law School he obtained his legal degree and received with the degree of Juries Doctor during the year 1974. His intellectual foundation for his philosophical study started right after he read Race and Economics during the year 1975 and highly got influenced from the book. He got conceptual framework of social reforms of the government and its necessity and circ u mstances. From the very time he started sharpening his professional career with excellence.

Moving to his personal aspects, it is seen he being a married man with his loving wife. He even failed his first married life with Kathy Ambush whom he married in 1971 but later in 1984 he divorced with her because of some personal reasons and later married with his girlfriend Virginia Lamp in the year 1987. Kathy was his college sweet heart from whom he became the father of child named Jamal Adeen. From his second marriage His biography has all the details about his personal and professional life reflecting to the information available in wiki. He loves his wife a lot and takes full care of her. His quotes of life are information and source of inspiration among many of the people who are running their life in poverty and scarcity. He loves watching movies in his free schedule and also loves singing as his interest. He is not gay and neither there are rumors in this regard.

Thomas salary and net worth is exclusively presented in social sites where it is mentioned to be around $150,000 as estimated in the current information. Along with this his height is 5 feet 8 inches in tall however his weight is not measured and mentioned among the public. His popularity is also spread across in Twitter. 

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