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Clara rose to fame as the mother of the rapper Cardi B. Cardi B is known for her talent as a rapper her entrepreneurial skills and her acting abilities.

Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar is not only praised for her talent but also her active presence, on social media, where she engages with her followers. If you're interested, in learning more about Clara's life, educational background, professional journey, and other relevant details, please continue reading the following article.

Early Life And Educational Background

Clara Almánzar, a Trinidadian, by birth, represents the mix of Afro-Latino heritage with African roots. She was born on September 19, 1965. Takes pride in her Trinidadian nationality. In the past Clara worked as a cashier. Dedicated herself wholeheartedly to supporting her family.

Although we don't have information about Clara's parents and siblings her occupation as a cashier suggests that she likely received an education. Clara's life unfolds as an inspiring story of resilience and devotion as she nurtures her family amidst the backdrop of her heritage and personal experiences.

Married Life

The renowned mother, Almánzar, shared a marital bond with Cardi B's father, Carlos Almánzar, for nearly 14 years, exchanging vows in 1991. Similarly, the elegant lady pursued a career as a cashier while Carlos worked as a taxi driver.

Clara with her children. Clara and her former spouse, Alman, welcomed two children.
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Furthermore, Clara and her former spouse, Alman, were united in matrimony from 1991 until around 2005, during which time they welcomed two children, the WAP singer Cardi and Hennessy Carolina. Despite facing challenges due to their living situation, they successfully established a nurturing and supportive household for their kids. Post-divorce, Clara, and Carlos maintained a close relationship, steadfastly offering support to their children.

Current Relationship

It seems that Clara Almanzar's love life is going well with signs indicating a relationship, with someone, from the Dominican Republic area. There is speculation that the couple might be considering marriage in the future.

Despite the curiosity of Cardi B fans Clara has decided to keep her relationship private and has not revealed the identity of her boyfriend. Many people are intrigued by Clara's personal life being kept under wraps. While we don't have details at the moment it appears that she is enjoying a meaningful connection and wants to keep things private for now.

The Mother-Daughter Relationship

As a mother Clara played a role in raising two daughters who have achieved global fame; Cardi B  and Hennessy Carolina. Clara, who is 58 years old has always been a protective parent, especially considering the neighborhood they live in. Cardi B acknowledges her mother's disciplined approach.

Is grateful, for the way she was raised. Despite Clara's firmness Cardi B, the artist behind "Please Me " had a streak that led to her mother asking her to leave the house before her 18th birthday.

Clara, a mother of Cardi B in the picture. Clara, mother of Cardi B, played a role in raising two daughters.
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Over the years the relationship, between mother and daughter faced its challenges but they have since grown closer. As a token of appreciation, Cardi B fulfilled her mother's childhood dream by buying her a house. Clara also shares a bond with her daughter, Carolina.

The journey wasn't always easy especially when Hennessy confided in her mother about her orientation. Initially, Clara found it difficult to accept. In an interview, Hennessy revealed that her mom eventually opened up her heart and became supportive and accepting.


Almanzar, who has gained media attention is known for her disciplined approach, to motherhood. Her parenting style has had an impact on her daughter Cardi B's success in the music industry. In turn, Cardi B follows in her mother's footsteps when it comes to raising her children.

Likewise, Almanzar is a grandmother to two children from Cardis's relationship with Offset. Kalea Marie Cephus, Jordan Cephus, and Kody Cephus are the names of children from Cardi B's spouse's previous relationships. The older grandchild is Wave Set Cephus, born in 2018; while the younger one is Kulture Kiari Cephus, born in 2020.

Net Worth

Clara Almanzar, Cardi B's mother is estimated to have a worth of around $1 million. Her experience as a cashier in The Bronx for a period allowed her to provide support for her family.

In contrast, Cardi B herself has achieved success as a Grammy Award-winning artist. Boasts an impressive net worth exceeding $80 million. She has written over seventy songs. Gained recognition not as a singer but also as a model, within the music industry.

 Cardi B in the picture. Cardi B's mother is estimated to have a worth of around $1 million.
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In addition, to her music projects, Cardi also teamed up with Starco Brands resulting in sales of over one million Whipshots cans within a year. This particular product gained popularity among consumers due to its 10% alcohol content. Moreover, Cardi had a year of partnership with Pepsi. Worked closely with PLBY Group Inc. Additionally, she holds the position of director, at Playboy. Is a founding member of Centerfold.

Social Media Presence

Although Clara, the celebrity mother, doesn't have individual fame, her recognition is growing due to her daughter's success. Unlike Clara, her daughters, Cardi B and Hip Hop Squares star Carolina, boast millions of followers on Instagram.

Cardi B, the elder daughter, commands a massive following of over 169 million people on Instagram under the username @iamcardib. Meanwhile, Hennessy, the younger daughter, has amassed more than 8.3 million followers on her official Instagram page @hennessycarolina. Clara's prominence primarily stems from the achievements of her daughters, and she is commonly known as the mother of the renowned rapper Cardi B.

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by Joseph, 16 Jan, 2024

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