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Charles Hirsch Barris was an American game show creator, producer, and host, known for hosting The Gong Show and creating The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game.

Early Life And Education Of Chuck Barris

Charles Hirsch, popularly known as "Chuck" Barris was born on 3rd June in 1929. He was an excellent host, outstanding game show creator and innovative producer.

He was widely known for his gregarious hosting of the famous show named, “The Gong Show” and for his fineness in the sizzling show called, “The Dating Game” and his famous “Newlywed Game”. He was the son of Edith (nee Cohen) and Harry Barris, a dentist. He is an American by nationality.

He graduated in 1953 from Drexel University, where he was a columnist for the student newspaper, The Triangle.

Chuck Barris' Career

Chuck Barris even made the movie of the show "The Gong Show Movie" that was almost stood on a day encircling the living of Chuck Barris and his show. Being criticized by critics, it was regarded as a flop in the box office.

He even writes good songs. As a songwriter, he has involved himself in a s sisting the song "Palisades Park". He even composed the song “Boom Boom Boom” in the year of 1960 where singer Freddy Brown did this song that led this number leaves the hit in the US chartbuster.

Chuck Barris' Net Worth And Salary

Chuck Barris’s net worth was $160 million in 2016. His net worth was $120 Million in 2015. He sold his production company in 1987, for a reported $100 million (roughly $215 million in today's dollars).

He is Jewish and has a zodiac sign of Gemini. He is a talented television personality whose contributions are yet worthy to be remarked. 

Chuck Barris' Personal Life

Chuck married Lyn Levy. Lyn Levy is a niece of one of the creators of CBS. This rapidly made her people got dispossessed. Mutually they had a daughter named Della. She sometimes even appeared on The Gong Show.

Chuck and Lyn, in the end, got divorced, and their daughter Della lived with her father, Della pa s sed away at the age of thirty-six in 1998. She was a drug addict and an alcoholic. Her death was suspected as an excessive use of drugs and intake of cocaine and alcohol that ruined the life of Della.

At the time during her death, she was also a victim of HIV-positive. She was his only baby. His daughter Della Barris was submissive with him before she left him. Barris later on tied up in a relationship with Robin Altman.

But unhappily in the year of 1999, the couple faced divorced and they sold out their attractive house in St. Tropez in France. On the other hand, consequently, we can see the brighter side in his life. When he survived lung cancer, he again got wedded to Mary, whom Chuck depicts to be his soul mate. He had no other children left when Bella pa s sed away.

Barris is a well- known as a private man who resides in outside Palisades in the city, New York. Even his uncle was a talented singer, outstanding songwriter, and an actor Harry Barris. He has released a movie from his bestselling books. So good things are tilting for him these days.

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