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Christian Stolte is a character actor from Chicago, America. He is well-known for portraying officer Keith Stolte on the TV series Prison Break. He made debut his acting career in 2000 from a Russian crime film The Brother 2.

He then featured in a TV series Prison Break from 2005-07. Now, he appears in two series Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. He has played a role of Randall McHolland in both series.

Early Life And Education Of Christian Stolte

Christian Stolte is an American actor who was born on the 16, October 1962, in St. Louis, Missouri. He was born as an only child to a mechanical engineer/ guitarist father John Stolte and mother Anosmia, who was a music teacher in the local school of Missouri.

He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and although being a single child of his parents, he has 4 half-siblings from his father's previous marriage. Two of those 4 siblings grew up with him. While Studying at the local Solidarity Academy, he learned to play banjo at the age of 6. He learned it at home with his mother.

His father was also in a rock band a few years back, and the family environment inspired him to learn and play music from a young age.

A great fan of American football, Christian played as a quarterback before he graduated from his school. He also was involved in a pop band back then. He played guitar solos and performed gigs around his vicinity.

Christian Stolte's Career

Born and raised in America, Stolte is an American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. His name suggests that he is a follower of Christianity. 

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During this time, he started to get some regular roles. He was often found more around the theatres than in his college. As a result, he had to drop out on the 3rd year, after he got some off-Broadway roles in plays like The Count of Tuscany, Harry and His Mates, Some Sad Day, Pillena Course and others.

His work was already starting to get recognized and he was becoming famous around Illinois. Soon, he left the theatre and it is believed that he did a diploma in an acting/ theater course. However, the fame that he had gained, faded away slowly and there was a time when he did not have much to look forward to.

“At one point, I even thought about giving up in acting. There seemed to be no job for me” he has said. During that time, he supported himself financially by playing music in pubs, working part-time in hotels and such.

After he completed his degree, he went back to theatres but had lost his connections. But then in 1997, he was approached by an old friend who wanted him to star in a play named “Canus Lunis Balloonis”, which was to be featured at the Red Orchid Theatre in Chicago.

Grabbing that chance, Chris played a major part in that play, and later won the Joseph Jefferson Award for New Work. Soon, he was getting job offers, and took up a role in the movie Stranger than Fiction (2006).

He is also known for his role as Keith Stolte in TV series Prison Break. He later portrayed the role of Charles Makley in the movie Public Enemies (2009) and the same year was seen in Law Abiding Citizen.

Christian Stolte's Net Worth

Christian Stolte's net worth is $4 million, as of 2018. He has earned a huge amount of net worth from his acting career. 

Christian Stolte's Personal Life

Even after being so popular, he has kept his personal life entirely in the dark. There is almost no information about his marriage life and children. It seems like he is a married man and might have a wife, but as he has not revealed anything it is difficult to say anything.

Information on his divorce is not available and it might be because he has not been through any. He does not seem gay but as he has never talked about his sexual preference, no one knows the truth.


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