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Chris Mortensen was born on November 7, 1951. Chris is 64 years in an age whose birth place is mentioned in Torrance, California of the United States who is occupationally belonging as a sports reporter and columnist for the year 1994. Chris is currently a s sociated within Sunday NFL Countdown within ESPN where he is providing regular reports within it. Additionally, he is holding the same responsibility within ESPN Radio SportsCenter. His official web page was enforced during the year 2000. His father was Army, therefore, he also served like as his father for some years during Vietnam War for 2 years of his time. His mother was working in a private company as an operator. Later his parents got a divorce and he started living with his paternal grandparents.

Chris studied at North Torrance High School for his early level of education which was located in Torrance of California. Later after serving to Vietnam War he also wrote a book named Playing for Keeps during the year 1991. After he completed his writing he started his career in the field of journalism. He moved to journalism as soon as he realized he could not professionalize football and basketball more to his high school time. He also worked in Atlanta Journal- Constitution which was during the year 1983 till the year 1990. During there he got a s sociated looking for the investigative reports which used to cover the issues within Atlanta braves that made him get more focused in his career. He also worked for ESPN during the year 1991.

Chris marital status is unknown. His son in previous times was a s sociated as agent quarterback being a s sociated with NFL whose name is Alex. The name of his wife is not announced and he has not stated any information about his married life. He was also the victim of throat cancer within the 4th stage which he got diagnosed on January 15, 2016. Currently, he seems taking a leave and resting from his disease. He has also interest in photography who is also a family oriented person. Further looking to wiki his personal profile is very low compared to the professional one. He loves enjoying his moment with his family who also loves partying a lot. Sometimes he often has to face the controversy related to his sexuality but he is sure about his sexuality and straight in it. He is a professional person who prioritizes his career in the very first position in his life.

Since Chris has a low profile maintained in the social sites, therefore, there is no any proper mentioning of his height and weight. Within the current time, his salary is also a s sumed to be the amazing sum of money but the real amount of his net worth is still not explicitly mentioned in his bio. He is promising to share his information very soon. 

by Bchrome, 26 Apr, 2016

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