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Christopher James “Chris” “Boomer” Berman was born in May 10, 1955. He was born in Greenwich, Connecticut of United States. His nationality is American. Currently Chris is 62 years old and popular with his short name Chris Berman. He is a popular American sports caster.

He has been a part of Monday Night Countdown and other popular programs comes within ESPN. He was also been selected for the major roles within ESPN games as Major League Baseball. Lastly, he has also worked as a reporter and researcher within Time Magazine.


He has attended Hackley School for the completion of his high school study. Along with this he also studied Brown University for the completion of his graduation. He completed his graduation in the year 1977. He has a degree in the Subject of history.


Berman joined Camp Winnebago during his very childhood in Fayette Maine. For the beginning of his career as a sports caster, he started working in Hartford’s WVIT-TV.

During that time he worked as a weekend sports anchor. He joined ESPN in the year 1979 and till the present context he is active working as a sports broadcaster. He is also stated as one of the longest tenured employee within ESPN. 

Personal Life

Reviewing the personal life of Chris Berman, he has given the nicknames to all the sports athletes with whom he is close to as well as he talks about. His football running call is Whoop with what he is popularly known to. He also attended Brown University.

During the year 1983 he got married with Katherine “Kathy” Alexinski after their long affair and they are having an ongoing wonderful relationship ahead with the gift of 2 children named as Meredith and Douglas who were born in 1986 and 1987 respectively. His wife died on May 10, 2017. 

He is also a Buffalo Bills fan. He is the very best friend of Jim Kelly who is within Hall of Fame. Since, he has a wonderful ongoing marital relationship therefore there is no any issue for them to get a divorce. Till the present context he is counted as a popular media figure. 

Physical Appearance

This celebrity has an excellent height where he is 6 feet 3 inch tall. He is also stated as a handsome hunk within the history of sports caster. He also has a weight loss to balance with his height. Still he looks healthy and quite fatty, yet his attractive looks and presentation style impress number of his fans across. His salary and net worth is as successful as his looks. 

Facts, Net worth, and Salary

Chris Berman is an excellent figure within the social networking sites. His pictures are often found on the networking sites and people are easily available to him with his personal profile. He has a good profile in his accounts. He is often seen in twitter mentioning his personal life, quotes and ongoing news and views across. He has also collected thousands of his followers.

Berman had a huge salary of about $3 million. His awesome career earned him huge net worth of around $18  million.

by sanjeet, 17 Dec, 2015

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