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Chelsea Houska, born on 9th of August, 1991 ,is a well-known reality television starlet known for her reality television career. She has been known to be the part of the MTV reality television show named Teen Moms. She was called upon to be the part of the Teen Mom 2 franchise and has been pretty successful in being a part of it since its inception. She is a health and fitness freak and has been known to earn a huge amount of money on her show.

Chelsea Houska has been widely talked about by her fans and critics. She is a reality starlet and people tend to know more about her personal life. She has her partner named Cole DeBoer. The couple is pregnant with their first baby and Houska’s second as of now. They have took to Instagram and Twitter to post photos of their pregnancy photos and photos of ultrasound which has made it to the public.

Chelsea Houska has a child, a daughter, named Aubree with her ex-boyfriend named Adam Lind. She had her baby at a teenage time and this is why she was called upon to be a part of Teen Moms. At this time however, she seems to be carrying a boy and she will certainly give birth to the boy and become happy pretty soon. 

Chelsea Houska surely has acc u mulated a huge amount of fame for the role she has portrayed as a reality television actress in Teen Moms. Her beauty and charm has made her fans search about her on social networking sites as well as on the wiki.

Chelsea has earned a huge amount of salary for her appearance as a teen mom in Teen Moms. The reality show has plummeted her high in to the heights of fame, thus giving her the chance to earn a huge amount of money. She has he net worth of a whopping 300 thousand dollars. She reportedly made 250 thousand dollars on 2016 alone and she falls on the list of the top paid female characters on Teen Moms.

Chelsea Houska suffered with body issues for some amount of time. She is extremely pretty but had put on more weight and carried out workout plans to get back to shape. She started doing high intensity workouts and her weight has become managed since then. Her height is known to be 5 feet and 3 inches and after her weight loos, her body looks perfect.

by Bchrome, 10 Aug, 2016

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