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Charlotte Easton Gillies is a celebrity daughter who has become famous due to her parents' fame. Her father, Daniel Gillies, is a Canadian-born New Zealand actor best known for his roles in The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals.

Charlotte's mother, Rachael Leigh Cook, is an American actress and model best known for her role in the 1999 film She's All That. Charlotte has also appeared in many music recordings such as ‘Kiss Me,' ‘Youthful Dumb and Broke,' ‘Dressed to Kill,' and ‘Love You Lately.'

Charlotte Easton Gillies's Parents Daniel Gillies And Rachael Leigh Cook Were Once Married

Charlotte Easton Gillies's parents, Daniel Gillies and Rachael Leigh Cook were married for 15 years, from 2004 to 2019. They met in 2001 and began dating shortly after. They tied the knot in August 2004 and welcomed two children, daughter Charlotte and son Theodore.

The couple was a fixture in Hollywood, appearing together in various events and award shows. They were also known for their strong commitment to their family, raising their children with love and care.

Charlotte Easton Gillies's parents, Daniel Gillies and Rachael Leigh Cook who were married for fifteen years. SOURCE: Instagram

However, in June 2019, the couple announced their decision to part ways. They released a joint statement, saying that they had “mutually decided to separate as a couple” and that they “love and respect each other as parents, people and artists and look forward to sustaining the best parts of our relationship for many years to come.”

Gillies filed for divorce in July 2020, citing “dissolution with minor children” as the reason. Cook also filed for joint custody of their children. Court documents did not specify whether Cook or Gillies would be responsible for child support costs.

The End OF Charlotte Easton Gillies's Parent's Marriage

In August 2020, Cook opened up about co-parenting with Gillies, revealing how they broke the news of their split to their kids. She said that they told their children that “this is a grown-up decision, not a kid's decision” and that “everything else is going to be the same for the foreseeable future.”

Cook and Gillies finalized their divorce in March 2021. Per the documents, they will share legal and physical custody of their two children, and neither will receive spousal support. They also finalized their property agreements, with Cook keeping ownership of their home in Redondo Beach and Gillies keeping his 2019 BMW.

Despite their split, Cook and Gillies remain on good terms. Cook told Entertainment Tonight that they are “friends now” and that Gillies will “tell me about dates that he goes on and funny things that might have happened and we genuinely laugh about it.”

Net Worth, Earnings, Property and Child Support of Charlotte Easton Gillies

Charlotte Easton Gillies is the daughter of two successful actors, Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies. Despite being a minor, Charlotte has a substantial net worth due to her parents' combined wealth of around $8 million.

Charlotte's parents' wealth ensures Charlotte's life is nothing short of opulence. Her father, Daniel Gillies, has a net worth of $3 million, and her mother, Rachael Leigh Cook, holds an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Charlotte Easton Gillies's biological father Daniel Gillies a New Zealand Canadian Actor. SOURCE: Instagram

Charlotte has also been involved in numerous music recordings, such as ‘Kiss Me,' ‘Youthful Dumb and Broke,' ‘Dressed to Kill,' and ‘Love You Lately,' which further adds to her wealth.

Charlotte does not have any earnings of her own, but her parents are responsible for providing for her financial needs. Rachael and Daniel have agreed to pay child support to ensure that Charlotte's needs are met. 

The Joyous Announcement OF Charlotte Easton Gillies

The world first learned about the impending arrival of Charlotte Easton Gillies in May 2013. Daniel and Rachael, deeply in love and enthusiastic about their growing family, shared the delightful news of their impending parenthood with the media.

At that time, Rachael was busy filming the second season of the TV series "Perception." She playfully concealed her blossoming baby bump while on set, inadvertently preparing for her child's initiation into the entertainment world.

Daniel, equally occupied with preparing for the premiere of his film "Broken Kingdom," eagerly anticipated the birth of their child. He humorously expressed his contentment with either a son or daughter, emphasizing his eagerness to meet their offspring, whom he affectionately dubbed "little Keanu Robocop."

On September 30 of that same year, Daniel joyfully announced the birth of their daughter on Twitter. He lovingly referred to her as the "tiny new empress of my everything." The former couple's exuberance knew no bounds, and they shared their profound joy with their devoted fans and followers.

The Charlotte Easton Gillies And Her Mother Red Carpet Moment

Rachael and Charlotte made a memorable appearance on the red carpet together during the Netflix premiere of "He's All That." This modern reimagining of the 1999 classic "She's All That" featured Rachael reprising her role as Laney Boggs.

In the film, Rachael portrayed Anna Sawyer, the mother of the film's protagonist, Padgett Sawyer, played by the talented Addison Rae. This event held particular significance for Rachael, as it marked her daughter's inaugural attendance at a movie premiere.

Charlotte Easton Gillies and Her Mother Rachael Leigh Cook. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Rachael radiated elegance in a white polka dot dress, while Charlotte sparkled in a light pink sequin dress. It was a dream come true for Charlotte, who had expressed her desire to attend red-carpet events, showcasing her remarkable enthusiasm.

The Family OF Charlotte Easton Gillies

Charlotte Easton Gillies is not the sole offspring of the star-studded union between Rachael and Daniel. In 2015, the couple revealed their expectation of a new addition to the family.

Though their marital journey eventually diverged, their commitment to raising their two children remained unwavering. Their second child, Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies, graced their lives in the same year.

The family of Charlotte Easton Gillies was established via Rachael Leigh Cook and Daniel Gillies. SOURCE: Pinterest

Rachael and Daniel embarked on an exhilarating journey of nurturing their children. According to Daniel, the experience of raising a son distinctly differs from that of raising a daughter. Theodore's perpetual smile never ceased to captivate his doting father, while Rachael revelled in her son's affectionate and cuddly nature.

Charlotte, meanwhile, was described as a talkative and independent spirit, engrossed in carving her unique path. This juxtaposition between the siblings provided the couple with a dynamic familial experience. Be With Article Bio for more. 


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