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Chandler Canterbury was born in December 15, 1998 who is recognized being as an American actor. Chandler is 17 years old in his age and from 2007 he is active working in American film industry. Chandler was born in Houston Texas of United States and he is often recognized with his other name as Chan. His mother name is Kristine and father name is Russell Canterbury. Since, his all the family members belongs from film industry he is also influenced looking to his family members whose older brother named Colby is also one of the popular actor in the industry. Like similar to this Shelby is her younger sister who is even recognized as an actress.

Chandler as soon as got signed within Summit Entertainment within his thriller named Knowing started him as his official beginning of the industry. Chandler was also got rewarded as Young Artist Award in the year 2008 because of his amazing performance within Criminal Minds in the year 2005. Also getting featured in the Curious Case of Benjamin Button in the year 2008 also took a good response from the fans. Appearing in Peter Bishop within Subject 13 in fringe according to him was among the challenging performance that he even had undertaken in his life.

Chandler is family oriented boy and his remarks in father and mother in place of god. As wiki has not proper details about his personal life, his bio is missing many of the detail information about him. Earning much of fame in such an early age he is planning to become a successful businessman in future. Chandler has never been doubted in his sexuality nor has he been a part of any rumors in his professional life. He is very straight in his words and speaking. Since, Chandler is religious in nature following Christianity, he often visit church having faith in it. Chandler loves horse riding in free time and his hobbies also counts swimming. Chandler loves moving around different places with his family and he has high attachment with his sister. Chandler is born traveler and he has made a huge list of travelling as soon as he makes his free time. Getting married and falling into affair is not his boundary for now because it is too young of his age to think about such stuffs. However, there is some of the crush in his life but he has not taken it in serious way.

Chandler is 4 feet 8 inches tall in height and his weight is properly maintained according to his height. The salary and net worth of amount seems increasing in order compared to each years and all he credits for his success is to his hard work and dedication in his work. Currently, his net worth is calculated to be 2 million American dollars.

by Bchrome, 21 Apr, 2016

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